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Sai ManeLast Seen: Mar 30, 2024 @ 4:35pm 16MarUTC
Sai Mane

30th March 2024 | 1 Views
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Tick- tock!! The clock struck midnight,

A guy unknown sent a tiny message in sight.

Oblivious of how fates would entwine,

My conversations with the moon, finally coming to life.


We clicked instantly, hating on lil kids,

Calling it a date of hunting among grids.

Fatal as it sounds were also our emotions,

Drowning were they at the bed of the ocean.


Your presence, a breeze, refreshing and cool,

An instant connection, breaking every rule.

Confidence sparkled in your eyes so bright,

As if destiny whispered, “this feels so right.”


Life started sounding like all my fav songs,

Wanting this feeling to last and belong.

Your certainty in me, a comforting embrace,

A newfound joy, a genuine grace.


Unsure of how this would be,

Hesitating a bit, to avoid scraping old wounds.

For once in this lifetime,

I don’t wanna be an option, the second choice.


Irrespective of all experiences — good or bad,

I am here, with clarity of thoughts also a little glad.

Asking a question on my mind for sometime,

Will you let me be your star, your precious moonlight?

Because I never thought I would see a human like sunshine.


So can we laugh? Or shall we cry?

How about a dance, just you and I.



Sai ManeLast Seen: Mar 30, 2024 @ 4:35pm 16MarUTC

Sai Mane


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