What a writer is VS what people think?

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Bieng as writer I learnt that how important is the job of a writer who makes the whole difference the company’s online presence and digital visibility.

A writer contributes his each sense especially common sense while writing a content.

There are various situations where without any reference a writer has to create the best of contents and succeed because after all

He/She is a writer.

But do you know what actual perspective people do have in their mind regarding a writer?

They usually think that a writer is just a another copywriter, well we have a post of copywriter in our field but not that which people from different fields think 🙂

Is’t it?

Poeple think that writer merely have their own ideas and just copy- paste the content from other side and mould it in their own words

But Hello!!

Plagarisim is our god father that keeps a keen check that whether we have cpoied or made our own content.

So writer is a true well-being who tries give his/her best in all of his/her tasks.

Beacuse content is the real king and content writers are its commanders.

EvanLast Seen: Apr 2, 2024 @ 1:53pm 13AprUTC




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