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Magical onion 🧅

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Once upon a time in a village it rains after so many days.people were very happy.Because they started growing their #crops.just like that in one field there grew some onions itself without any body ‘s # supervision.They were #giant and pink in colour.

Because of rain 🌧️ people were unable to go the faraway # markets.They were buying the things from the near by shops.

There was a shopkeeper and has a little shop but now a days he was # earning much.He has one servant who used to # look after the shop.As there is more income was coming the servant thought if he will # hide some money from the master it will be no bog deal# so he started hiding the money daily.But said to his master that because of rain nobody is coming to the shop and buying anything.

one morning a man came to the shop and ask the servant to give him pickle.He gave him in the double # price and he hid that money.💰 

He took the more money and left the shop #unsupervised . When the master came he got angry 😡 that nobody was there to take care of his shop.He started waiting for his servant.A man came and ask him to give the pickle he said yes i have that and its only the one piece.i give you that.He searched all the shop but he didn’t find pickle.He got more angry on his servant that he must have sale it and he is telling a # lie to him.

on the other hand when the servant was coming back he saw the field of onion in his way.He was very surprised to see such big onions 🧅.He took one and started eating it as he was so hungry since morning.As he has eaten it he started #shaking 🫨. His one eyes was lost during childhood so he used to cover it with a  piece of cloth.But as of eating onion  his eye was completely all right.He was so happy and # excited.He knew that its a # magical 🧅.After that he started filling his bag with 🧅 onions. He thought to sell these and will get more money.

He sold the one bag full of onion with good #price.He was happy and thinking that soon he will be # rich and will open his own shop and he will no more be a servant.

He returned back to the shop where his master was waiting for him.He asked the servant did u sell the pickle? If yes .. then where is the money?💰 

The servant started to tell him truth yes master i sold the pickle and everything is selling daily with good amount and i m daily stealing the money too💰.The servant was unable to understand that what was happening to him why he telling all the truth to the master.He knew that its because of that magical onion 🧅 that he has eaten and because of that he telling the truth.

The master was very angry and #fired him from the job.

The servant carried his bag of onion and left the shop sadly.After passing a distance he saw a man who was in # wheelchair 🦼 and was selling the news papers.The servant thought I should give the onion 🧅 to eat he will be all right .The servant was also impressed by this poor man that he was #handicapped but still he is hardworking  and he was so ashamed of his #act of stealing.

He went near to that man and gave him 🧅 onion to eat.when the man eat that onion he also started shaking 🫨 and he suddenly became all right and stood-up from wheel chair.He was very much thankful to the servant. He told him about the onion 🧅 that this is a magical onion and it can treat the ill person and after eating it you start telling the # truth.

In the same village there was a old man .the old man lived alone and he has no any child.who has a big farm house.His nephew killed him at night and then took the #possession of his farm house. 
 When the people found the# dead body they informed the #police 👮‍♂️ .

Tha police started investigations. They also reached at farm and asked the nephew about the old man# murder.But the nephew said he doesn’t know about it and the old man handed over this farm to him a month back.

Every one was sad.When the man who was on the wheelchair and now he was ok heard this news he went to the servant and told him about old man ‘murder and asked him to help the police to find the accused .

They went to the police station and told the police man about the onion 🧅 that after eating that everyone tells the truth.

They given the onion to the near by people to eat,  all said that they dint kill him.

Then they went to the farm house and has given the onion 🧅 to the nephew to eat.when he eat it he started telling the truth to everyone that he has killed his uncle.His brother git worried that why he is telling the truth to everyone.He said the he and his brother both killed the uncle.

The police # arrested the nephew and brother and gave the reward to the servant who Helped them to find the real accused.

Now the servant was a popular man in the village who used to treat the people with onion 🧅 therapy.He was no longer poor and #greedy.Img 9675

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Huwaina Hafeezan shaikhLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 5:05pm 17AprUTC

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh



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