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The clever shoe maker👞🥾👢👠

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Once upon a time in a far away place there lived a shoe maker.His name was john.He was young and very #clever.He was married and also he has mother but he has no child.

This #profession is adopted by his father and after his death john was taking care of it.But he was not happy with this profession.Because there was not good income and he always wanted to be rich.But he was very expert in making shoes and everyone only comes to his shop.

one day a man came to pick his shoes but john has not made them .He was sitting quite and lazy.Man said hi ! John did u make my shoes.he replied no I couldn’t.May be after day or two i can make these but still im not sure as i m feeling not well.

The man was clever he understood that john doesn’t like his work so he said to him .i know john u do not like this work.But i can help you.John asked ? How can u help me sir.

The man offered him 10 gold coins to sell his shop.John was agreed because he really needed the money as he #wanted to do something else to # earn money 💰 and to get rich.

when he reached home early.His mother asked the reason then he told that he sold the shop in ten gold coins.Her mother and his wife who was cooking something both were shocked to hear this news.

His mother said oh! John dear .what u have done that?.How will u earn now as these coin will be used .

He smiled and said mother i will buy a donkey and then i will collect the recycling material from people home and will sell it to the factory and will earn money.💴 

Her mother was #impressed and said ok son i am with you and his wife also agreed.They both said that they will also help him in this job.He was happy.

Next morning he went to buy a donkeyThe man who sold him the donkey was very kind he just took one coin from him.He was so happy that still he has 9 more coins.

He was going towards home the suddenly some of the #robbers came in front of him.He was very worried that now they will rob him.But he was clever he put one coin into donkey’s nose.

Robbers came near him and said watever money you have give us otherwise we will kill you.

He said please #pardon me .I am a poor man and jobless.while he was talking to them the donkey sneezed and coin came out of his nose and fell down in front of them.They were surprised that from where it came.

John said this is my only donkey with me he produce one coin daily.The robber said ok give it to me in 50 coins.John was very happy inside but he hid his # facial expressions to them and said very poorly.ok you get him and give me coin.

The robbers gave him coins and hold the string of donkey.John went back to of robber followed him and saw his home.he was surprised to see that john was a poor man and has only one goat in his home.

The robbers were happy that daily donkey will give them one coin and there will be 30 coin in a month and 365 coins in a whole year.They were sitting and waiting for the coin whole day till the night came .The elder robber said that remember he gave today’s coin.Now tomorrow he will give us second coin.2nd day they again sit in front of him and wait for the coin but it was afternoon there was no coin came out.Now they # assumed that something is wrong and the man told them lie and this donkey don’t produce the coins.they got angry and went towards the John’s home.

On the other hand john was ready for this that they will follow him and will reach to his home.In the early morning he said to his wife that make a golden colour water and mix it with the food of goat.The wife did the same.Goat eat its food.

After few hours when the robbers reach at his home in anger.They said you lied to us now be ready to be killed.He said no I didn’t say anything wrong.while he was begging in front of them the goat started #dropping and it was golden colour.

The greedy robbers were surprised and asked hom about it.He replied that she is my only source of income daily she takes out gold droppings.

The robber said ok.Give it to us.He started crying.The robbers said ok! Ok! .we give you hundred coins now give it to us.He said ok .

Then he said to them i want to leave this place as i will miss my goat here and she is very dear to me.

The robbers said ok you get out of here and we don’t want to see you again here and forget about your goat.

The john was very happy inside he took his mother and wife and left the home.

The greedy and foolish robbers were tired and slept at the home.when the woke up .They gave the goat the food and started waiting for his dropping.After a while they start beating their head because they knew that clever john lied to them as the droppings were black in colour.They learnt the lesson that they wont be greedy and they promised with each other that they wont rob anyone.Img 9646Img 9645Img 9647Img 9649Img 9651Img 9644Img 9647

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikhLast Seen: Apr 17, 2024 @ 5:59pm 17AprUTC

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh



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