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Flower — My Maker


Also, showers peak until lowering hills

To  heal  wallow in  frostening soak.

Grown  high forsaken in   serene pour;

Anyone  sigh ? in words of  truth in tear.

Closing sheets neigh in open wing.

 Balancing in hang sticks   moving  joy ;

Each makes  every glance fragrance  ,

Beneath Colourless binding  stripes.

Unmove  yards still  coating  veils,

 While smiling  moment in  breaths.

White and black shines onn and on

  So, veiled far close and to open onn

Yards;  at glances anytime  made,

Poses  never ashed  ,die or live

unspectrumed times bearer though!.

 Maker    ‘A mirror of flowering  ‘,since.

Thanking you,

If you like my lines 

Give your liking  too.

Nivedhitha SaibalajiLast Seen: Apr 19, 2024 @ 3:40pm 15AprUTC

Nivedhitha Saibalaji



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