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My Landlady Noona Chapter 136 Summary: The End is near?

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The fans are hyped for My Landlady Noona Chapter 136 which was recently released. You can check out the raw scans and spoilers posted on @Youngboy18plus on Twitter. It appears the manhwa is finally going to end soon. And the approach Minwoo has taken might not be liked by everyone. You can read more similar manhwa like Secret Class, Queen Bee, Circles, etc, spoilers and summaries on Anime News Flash. 

Spoilers and Summary for My Landlady Noona Chapter 136

The chapter starts with Hari thinking about the previous times when Minwoo had helped her. Even though she’s the older one, she feels depressed thinking that their roles are reversed.

She cleans up the house and when Minwoo returns, he starts studying again and mutters about learning to design with CAD, etc, Hari doesn’t understand but is happy seeing that Minwoo’s eyes are shining.

Nari then video calls Minwoo and says that Hari will take good care of him since she isn’t there and he’ll feel lonely otherwise (seems like the sisters just agreed to share MC without any drama). Nari then tells Minwoo that he’s gonna be the model for a t-shirt her idol company is releasing soon since she wants him to be more involved in her career.

Lucky Man

We then see Hari thinking that Nari was given the choice to be free and do whatever she wanted since they were young, but she was asked to be responsible, learn traditional skills for women like cooking, flower arrangement, tea ceremony and later meeting the big-shots of Korea since her parents are rich and own a big company.

All the old guys praise the m**f saying that she raised her daughter well and that some man is going to be lucky to have her as a wife (m**f was arranging for Hari to be married to the son of one of those big-shots before she fell in love with Minwoo).

 Hari then remembers the time when she was going to throw away some food when a kid Minwoo appeared and ate it instead. Being a brat, he kicks her after eating the food and runs away.


Back to the present, Hari looks at the same Minwoo who is helping people in the cathedral and has become popular. She then thinks that even though they live together, they haven’t gotten a chance to talk lately. Her mood improves after she sees Minwoo smiling at her and she goes to the choir practice thinking they’ll get a chance to talk later.

After Minwoo eats lunch with the cathedral people even though he wants to eat with Hari, one of the dads asks him if he has a girlfriend and asks what he thinks of his daughter who is beside him. Minwoo is a bit surprised but just smiles at the question. 

Minhyun (church kid) takes Hari to clean up the church, but she notices it’s already clean when they arrive. She doesn’t notice Minwoo who comes up behind her, calls her, and takes her hand from behind. When Hari takes her hand back, she is surprised to see a ring on her finger. The chapter ends with the panel of Minwoo saying “Noona, will you marry me?”

Where You Can Read My Landlady Noona Chapter 136

The fans and readers can enjoy the manhwa My Landlady Noona Chapter 136 on Toptoon and Day Comics officially.

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