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Jack started to fly

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Img 9643Once upon a time there was a boy named jack lived in a village.He has one sister.jack was vey# intelligent and hard working boy.He always used to get highest rank in the class.everyone was so much # inspired from him.He was good in every subject either it was English, math or geography, he was an #extraordinary kid in the class.

his elder sister name sara always help him in study and also she guides him in every thing.They both spend time together, watch tv and do their # Art work in their free time.

After final #terms when the results came as usual he got the highest rank.His friends were doing fun and saying him that u must have some #magic or the teachers are your best friends thats why u get the highest marks.He was smiling on them.

Then his friends asked him about his plans of vacations.He said that he will start study for the next term but he will also learn to fly.everyone was surprised that how he will do that.But they keep on believing because he was so genius that he can do everything.

His parents kept a party for has of his cousin was so flattered about his qualities and he said to jack that its easy to fly he can also # fly when jack told him about his plans.

At bed time he was so tired but he was unable to sleep because he was keep on thinking that how to fly and when to try it as his parents will not allow him in the day time and he has to do the practice so he thought to do it in the night time.

His sister sara came to say him goodnight and she wanted to discuss about today’s # party as they both discuss each and everything pike best # friends.

She was saying that she was very much proud of him today and she enjoyed a lot.And she said that she has decided that they both will learn #rollerskating as she asked the permission from Dad. 

But jack said that i will also learn to fly.Sara started laughing and said are u # crazy little boy .How can we fly we are not birds we are # humans. But he was serious and said her that why we can’t we fly its in our science book that when we jump from height and keep balance of our body we can fly and louis also said that he flies.sara tap his forehead gently and said louis is making fun of you.he is telling a human can fly.only birds can fly.She said him good night and turned off the lights.

when she was out of room .he jumped out of bed and moved towards the window and open it.He prayed to God that help him to fly.

He # jumped out of window .Ist he shouted and closed his eyes and started chaunted the name of God.

suddenly he felt that he is moving up instead of coming down.yes!!!! He was flying.he started shouting that i can fly .i can fly.he was moving up and up into the clouds.☁️.it was so beautiful and pleasant.He was thinking that her sister must have seen him flying.

suddenly he saw a rainbow was beautiful.He moved towards that.when he reached near him he was surprised that inside it was a beautiful castle.He went forward.he was so thirsty and hungry.

a short height man with black complexion and curly hair came towards him and said hi jack.jack was surprised that how knows his name.Man said dont get surprise i was looking at you when were flying .i know about you.welcome to our castle king will be happy to meet his servant and my name is surdaam. Jack said im too hungry, he said ok.He served the food to him.After that he said you go and meet the king i bring the green tea for youjack was excited to see the king and palace for the first time .When he entered in the palace and he saw the king he was shocked to see him.king whole body was like human but his head was like hen.

Sardaam introduce king with jack and he went outside to bring green tea.🍵  The henking said to him that do not drink the green tea.otherwise u will be like me and we will be two in numbers and he will then #kill us.

jack was shocked to hear that he asked in a # whisper ,why he will kill us.the hen man said this is a wizard and he got cursed by a big witch he can not do his magic .If he will kill us then he will regain its strength.His soul is trapped in a parrot who is in the next room in the # golden go kill that parrot by grabbing his neck and break it. Jack said ok.

sardaam came with the cup of green tea.jack was yawning and he said i want to take rest first then i will drink it later on.Sardaam said .its ok .i aslo go and sleep after taking rest we both will drink it.

Sardaam went out side.jack went behind him very slowly.when he was sleeping and # snoring has started.Jack was confirmed that niw he is sleeping.He went to orher room quick ly and saw a parrot in a beautiful golden # cage.He quickly opened it and try to grab the parrot’s neck.The parrot starting shouting.When sardaam heard that he ran towards it and was got angry to see jack over there.jack was keep on running after the parrot and finally he grabbed him.he broke his neck and the sardaam was converted into burnt ashz

As the sardaam was killed the hen man transformed in to a boy.They both said that we should quickly go back to our home.They both started flying and when they came out of the palace they heard a  loud sound .The palace was destroyed and the black smoke was everywhere.They both feel suffocated and trying to call mom dad… mon dad help! Help !

suddenly he heared the voice of sara.she was giving him water as he was shouting .he Opened his eyes and was  thankful to God that it was his dream.

He told his dream to sara she was laughing and she said now this is the sign mr..Be away from this thought of was sign from God.

After that he never ever thought of flying.1

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikhLast Seen: Apr 21, 2024 @ 12:44am 0AprUTC

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh



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