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The Farmers sons and their journey.

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Milyin » 592020 » The Farmers sons and their journey.

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Once upon a time in a far away village there lived a farmer who has two son.the farmer was getting old so one day he called his sons and said that i want you both to start the farming .

Both were very #obedient .They aaid ok father we will start farming from tomorrow.But farmer said no first i want both of you should explore the world.

Next morning they both were ready to go for exploring the world.the farmer gave the arch and arrow and said that u will cross the jungle and u may hurt by any of the # wild animal so keep it for your safety.

They both started journey and in the way they found a pair of dox was coming towards them .They were also ready to kill them but the foxes started taliking like humans and said dint kill us we can join you in ur journey and we can also help you.Both brothers were agreed and foxes now also accompanied them.

while they wer going ahead in their way two horses  were came .They were running towards them so again they have prepared their arrows but horses also started taking like # humans. 
The horses said please do not kill us.we can help you and you can ride on us to make yoir journey easy.Both boys were agreed and now they were riding the horse.

After a distance they both reached at the place that have two roads.Right and left.

Big brother said that i think it’s better to go on right # way while the other said no i think left will be good option.Then they have decided that big brother will go to right and younger will go to left.

the big brother taken out his knife and #stabbed it in the tree.He said if any one of us will be in danger then knife will be rusty.

the big brother started moving towards the right side of # road .after some distance he reached at a palace but it was too quite.A princess were standing in the window.she was so # pretty. The big brother asked her that why this palace is so quite.she started crying and said everyone is turned into stone.there os a white deer his father and his soldiers followed her but they never come back and turned into stone statues.

The big brothers promised her that he will find the way to bring back the king and hia soldiers.He went into the # jungle and saw a white deer , he also started to follow her but she was disappeared.He was very tired. 
He moved forward and all of a sudden he saw a old lady was sitting in the tent .she was very ugly with big #pointed nose.

The big brother went near to her she was smiling at him and she gave him a bowl of water and said i know you are very thirsty so drink the water first then i will also give it to your animals.

The big brother has taken the bowel and when he drank it he was converted in to a statue.

on the other hand the younger brother who went to the left side of road.he reached a city where the people were # quite and # sad.He asked the reason the people replied that there is a dragon who want the princess other wise he will destroy the whole city and tomorrow King is going to handover his only daughter to the dragon for the saje of hia people ‘s life .Thats why we all are said because we cant fight with that# giant dragon.

The younger brother decided to help the people.first he went to the #tinsmith  and requested him to make a sword with two face till night.He helped him to make it.

in the next morning he was hiding behind a big stone near the sea and waiting for the dragon to come so that he will kill him.After a while the royal carriage came and the beautiful princess came out of it and shouted. 

Oh!! Dragon . im here have promised that u will not harm the people of the city. The giant dragon was moving towards her and the fire was coming out of his mouth.He haa three head.

The boy came out and jumped on his body amd cut his heads .foxes started eating them and the horse was jumping and crushing his body.This how they helped him.

The princess was very happy and shocked to see that all .she came near to him and said thanks to him.She took him to the palace.The king was very happy and he offered him the proposal to marry the princess.But he said that first i will find my brother and will bring his father then he will marry.The king was agreed.

Next day he went to towards the right side of road where he left his brother .He was sad to see that knife was # rusted.that means his brother was in danger.He moved forward and reached to the quite palace where princess told him the whole story and she said one boy like you also went towards jungle to bring back my farher.

the younger brother when reached at jungle he saw the white deer .He followed him but as he heard it from princess that it will disappear.same happened to him.after some distance he also met with old lady .ahe also gave him the bowel of water and insisted him to drink first but he said no my friends are also thirsty so i will   them first. She got angry.

He knew that something is wrong so he moved towards the old lady.she was actually a witch.there was a big pot of water from where she gave him the water.He has broken that pit and pushed the witch towards it.She started crying and was felt into the water.She was all burnt and converted into the ashes.

All of sudden all the people change again into humans.Big brother ran to meet him.All were became all right.The king invited them to the palace and also offered the bog brother to marry the princess.They agreed.

after few days they brought their father and they both got married to the princess and lived happily ever after.Img 9635

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikhLast Seen: Apr 13, 2024 @ 11:20pm 23AprUTC

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh


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