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Movie Review – Remains of the Day

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26th March 2024 | 2 Views
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Watched this Movie ” The Remains of the day” – a 1993 British-American film directed by James Ivory, based on the novel of the same name by Kazuo Ishiguro. Here are some unknown facts followed by my views after watching this movie

The film was shot entirely on location in the United Kingdom, with many of the scenes taking place at various stately homes and country estates. The film features an all-star cast, including Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, James Fox, Christopher Reeve, and Hugh Grant.

Anthony Hopkins, who played the lead role of Stevens, prepared for his role by studying the mannerisms of the butler in a documentary about Buckingham Palace.

The film was nominated for eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay. However, it only won one award, for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Reviews after watching: “The Remains of the Day” is widely regarded as a cinematic masterpiece, with powerful performances from Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson @MovieReviewsBlg

The way Mr.Stevens(Anthony Hopkins) was so dedicated to his job even forsaking his own happiness to uphold his dedication which reminds me of my father and mother gen who still holds this belief that ” work is worship” and it has been imbibed in us as well, was remarkable.

However with changing times , Work life balance is the new Mantra. The film is a poignant and nuanced exploration of regret, duty, and missed opportunities, set against the backdrop of a changing society in post-World War II Britain.

The film is visually stunning, with beautiful cinematography and an evocative score, and the screenplay by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala is both subtle and emotionally resonant.

However, i felt like lot of things are not acceptable especially when Mr. stevens continued to work even when his father passed away or when he was not able to express his desires to the woman he liked and let her go but we have to accept the fact that acting was top notch.

Overall, “The Remains of the Day” is a must-see film for anyone interested in thoughtful, character-driven cinema. I would rate this movie 9/10 for the acting and the screenplay but 6/10 for the decisions taken by Mr.stevens 😛 I mean let yourself loose a bit and enjoy the life.

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NiveaLast Seen: Apr 11, 2024 @ 5:05am 5AprUTC




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