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Study Professional Year Program Engineering in Sydney

Mary Ann IgnacioLast Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 9:30am 9AprUTC
Mary Ann Ignacio

26th March 2024 | 3 Views
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Are you an international student who just completed graduation in engineering and are looking to boost your career in Australia? If yes, then you have to gain practical skills, industry knowledge, and work experience in the engineering field.

For this, studying Professional Year Program in Engineering in Sydney is an ideal option. PYP in engineering is a specially designed program that helps international students sharpen their skills and knowledge to be capable enough for starting their career in Australia.

The program gives a boost to your qualifications and help you understand the work environment. With theoretical and practical knowledge, you can easily start your career and avail better opportunities awaiting you. Let us make you aware about PYP in engineering to get you started shaping your career.

Why Choose Engineering in Sydney?

Before we begin with the blog, let us first put some light on ‘why’ you should study engineering in Sydney. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, a lively city, where engineering and technology come together to enhance innovation. Sydney provides a valuable environment to international engineering students where they can make the most out of leading universities, cutting-edge research facilities, and an excelling engineering industry. If you are studying a Professional Year Program in Engineering in Sydney, you can rest assured of gaining access to excellent education, industry connections, and career opportunities. In short, this is only going to make your career better.

Professional Year Program in Engineering: Structure

PYP in Engineering in Sydney is a 44 weeks long course, where you will learn through classroom training and industry placement i.e., internship. Through this program you will,

  •          Boost your understanding of the workplace and work culture in Australia.
  •          Gain work experience in an Australian organization through an internship.
  •          Be in a professional network of industry specialists.
  •          Greatly increase your chances of having an engineering career in Australia.

The Professional Year Program in Engineering in Sydney consists of two parts:

  •          First, there is 32 weeks of practical training where you will learn face-to-face in a classroom.
  •          Second, there is a 12-week full time internship with an organization in Australia.

As a participant, you will learn necessary skills to excel professionally in Australia through practical learning. PYP will help you earn 5 extra points for migration after you have completed the program.

Benefits of Studying Professional Year Program Engineering in Sydney

  •          Industry-Relevant Curriculum: The Professional Year Program in Engineering is specially designed to cater to the special needs and requirements of engineering field in Sydney. You will learn about regional laws, procedures, and more, so you can cater to the demands of the job sector.
  •          Practical Work Experience: One of the important features of PY engineering program is that it offers the students with a 12-week internship in an Australian organization. This internship helps students to use their theoretical knowledge in actual workplace, develop practical knowledge, and expand their professional networks within the engineering field.
  •          Enhanced Employability: After completing a Professional Year Program in engineering, you will have an easier chance of being employed in your preferred place as well as attract potential employers. The program provides students with necessary skills like communication, teamwork, problem solving, and more. These skills are highly valued and appreciated in the engineering sector.
  •          Professional Development: With PYP, international students get the right direction and support in making a better future for themselves. They get prepped up for resume writing, interview preparation, networking events and more. Further, they are also provided with resources to help them succeed in their occupation.
  •          Pathway to Permanent Residency: Lastly, Professional Year Program in Engineering helps you obtain permanent residency in Australia. You gain extra migration points and skills to have a better career and even a better future. You can apply for permanent residency through two visas – Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) or Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190).


Studying a Professional Year Program in Engineering in Sydney is a great opportunity to build a successful career in one of the most prominent and rewarding occupation – engineering. The above blog will help you with the befits you can get after completing your PYP in engineering.

If you are still unsure of whether to study the program or not, and from where do you begin to enrol, get in touch with experts at Asia Pacific Group. With years of experience and expertise, our team will guide you throughout the process of enrolling in the program.

You can fulfil your dream of becoming a successful engineer in Australia. Don’t wait. Contact today!

Mary Ann IgnacioLast Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 9:30am 9AprUTC

Mary Ann Ignacio



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