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Woodcutter and 3 wishes

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikhLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 9:34pm 21AprUTC
Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh

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Once upon a time there lived a wood cutter with his wife.they have no has been 8 years to their marriage.her wife was very greedy and she used to fight with him every day .

he used to workhard day and night but it was very small income that he used to get every day.

one day his wife said thay why u do not choose any other work.we can live a good life with this small income.its been a long time i did not eat a good never got me a new dress.i use to wear my old dresses every day and they are about to torn.he was very sad and slept without taking dinner.

in the early morning he woke up and thought to ho to work early so that he can cut more trees and can get more money by selling these.he requested his wife to give him breakfast.she was sleeping.

when she heard that he is asking for breakfast she started shouting that  yes! Yes .i give you the best breakfast if eggs and bread and butter whcih u bought for us.she was taunting as there was nothing like that to eat in the house.

he went out side with very sad mood.he was about to cry.he started talking to himself very loudly.that why God made him.why he is so useless.why he can not earn more and give a luxurious life to his wife.he was keep on talking suddenly he heard a sound of birds flying.the sound was very loud.

he saw up and was quite shocked and frightened to that there was a angel with his wings standing in the air .angel said do not afraid of him.he was listening what he was complaining about.

angel said him do not worry and tell me your 3 wishes .these will be fulfilled.the wood cutter said that he will ask his wife and will wish.angle agreed and disappeared.

woodcutter went home and told everything to his wife.she was very happy and said that they have to think wisely before making a wish.she was saying that we can ask for big house, lots of jwellary and diamonds and lots of farm animals.wood cutter said watever you decide just tell me i will make a wish for that.

The wood cutter started eating his was onion and bread in his plate.he wished that there may come sausage then what can be better option for eating.all of a sudden there appear a plate full of sausages.

he was shocked his wife started shouted that oho!!! What you have done you are so fool have wasted one wish into these sausages.she started crying.

he got angry on her and said you are such a selfish lady i wish these sausages stick to your nose.and he did not know that his second wish was fulfilled.the sausages converted into a long string and were stick to her nose.

The lady was crying and begging him that please make me free of this .please make me get rid of it.woodcutter started laughing on her.But then he felt mercy for her.

He said now we have only one wish .she said please get me off from this i will never do a fight with you and i will never ever complain of anything in my life .i will be thankful to God in every situation.

woodcutter then wished that she get rid of these sausages.

sausages fell down from her nose.she was free and she was very sorry for her bad behaviour.

from that day onward she never complained about anything and she never fought with her husband and they lived happily ever after.

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Huwaina Hafeezan shaikhLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 9:34pm 21AprUTC

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh



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