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   Lets begin with the story of our “Gem💎” but before that let me introduce the other characters then will go to the Our story lead✨, A village named  ‘Pearl Lake’ there lived man called George who stay with his second wife Rita and their two daughters ‘Crave’ and ‘Desire’.

Now let’s introduce a Beautiful lady ‘Gem’ who is the daughter of George and his first wife Emily. Gem was pretty , she was so beautiful that Rita and her daughters ‘Crave’ and ‘Desire’ were jealous of her looks.

Gem was always treated badly by her step mother and her daughters. Once George left the house for some business work. The day Gem had to face the difficulties given by her step mother. 

Near to the  ‘Pearl lake’ there was a old Haunted palace, A cave and a lake. It was heard from other villagers that that place was crused and there lived a old lady who would turn pretty women’s ugly and get powers but it was just a rumour not the truth.

One day ‘Crave’ and ‘Desire’ planned to take Gem to that place so that she would turn into a ugly women. The two girls started acting as of they are sick and told Gem that the medicine for their sickness is available inside the Lake near the Cave of the haunted palace. 

Gem was known for her kindness and helpful nature. She visited that place and the girls followed her from behind to see what would happen to her. As soon Gem stepped to that place she saw palace and the lake she was in search of was inside the cave behind the palace she had to go through palace . Suddenly a voice started calling her and pulled her towards it , Gem followed the voice and she reached a spot in the palace where a Sparkle of light was blooming and she couldn’t see the face as the light was so effective, but the place had a divine environmental and the voice was so soothing and it asked Gem ‘ why did you come here, this is a scared place and the voice warned her that only divine and pure souls can enter the Cave palace and in order prove divinity one should go inside the cave and drown in the lake of jewels thrice, if they are not willing to do this they should leave the place.

Listening to this Gem wanted to go the lake as the two sisters told her the medicinal plant is near the lake. Gem moved towards the Cave and she found the lake inside the cave and she had the confidence that she had not done any mistakes in her life as she showered her kindness and love towards every creature. Gem Drowned in the lake thrice  and she got herself changed but she couldn’t find any medicinal plant as told by her sisters. Then she moved towards the palace as she wanted to leave the place but on her way she saw the mirror placed inside the palace, she checked herself in each mirror over there and she had got a glow of divinity in her and body and she was sparkling like an angel 😇, also her clothes were changed and he was wearing jewels which made her look like a princess. Gem with happiness left the place.

The two evil sisters who were waiting outside the palace had already to their home as it was late and thinking that Gem will never return back. After long time when Gen returned home, the two evil sisters were stunned and with a shocking reaction they couldn’t even take eyes of Gem as She glowing like an angel.

The two sisters were jealous of what happened with Gem and they came to that Gem had drowned in the lake inside the cave of the palace.  The two sisters decided to go the lake in the desire of becoming more beautiful and pretty so they went there but as divine soul told Gem to drown thrice but the evil sisters drowned in the lake four times and as they were evil the had become ugly and the villagers started laughing at them, by what  happened to the sisters they just killed themselves and before death they had crused Gem that they would return to take revenge on her. What did they mean?…Are you guys curious for the next part?…then we will meet in the next part of the story. 

Thank you for reading ☺️.

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