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4 Expensive Plants in the World that can cost more than a Car

Shivam KumarLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 4:59pm 16AprUTC
Shivam Kumar

25th March 2024 | 12 Views

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Imagine dropping more cash on a single leaf than on your latest gadget. Believe it or not, that’s the reality for some of the rarest and most coveted plants on the planet.

Plants bring life and beauty to our homes, but some come with a hefty price tag. Get ready, plant lovers, because we’re about to explore the world’s most expensive plants. These aren’t your average plants or philodendrons –  we’re talking botanical wonders that cost more than some cars! 

1. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

This plant is made by Scientists in China as the most expensive flower ever sold – the Shenzhen Nongke Orchid. It cost a crazy £160,000 or 1,68,43,677 Indian Rupee at auction in 2005! It  them 8 years of research to develop such plant species. 

2. Kinabalu Orchid

This incredibly rare orchid is found only in a tiny fenced area of Malaysia’s Kinabalu National Park. Its rarity comes at a price – a single stem can set you back $5,000 or ₹4,17,470. But be warned, this isn’t exactly a year-round gift option. The Gold of Kinabalu only graces the world with its beauty between April and May.

3. Bouquet

The most expensive wedding bouquet ever didn’t even focus on flowers that much. Instead, it included some white blooms and a unique twist – a piece of root from a 100-year-old tree!  But that’s not all! To really set it apart, the bouquet was loaded with gems –  90 red rubies, 9 diamonds, and a huge star ruby!  Costing a whopping $125,000, this blinged-out bouquet is on display in Vietnam, a reminder that some wedding flowers go way beyond petals and greenery!

4. Saffron Crocus

While the blooms themselves are cheap, they produce the world’s priciest spice – saffron. Those tiny threads used in cooking? Those are actually dried parts of the Saffron Crocus flower.  This is why it makes the list – the flowers are common, but the spice they create is worth a crazy $1,000 per pound!

Do you have any rare or unusual plants in your collection? Share photos and stories of your botanical treasures in the comments below!

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Shivam KumarLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 4:59pm 16AprUTC

Shivam Kumar



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