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An Irish poem

alfie boydLast Seen: Mar 24, 2024 @ 2:48pm 14MarUTC
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Upon the rugged cliffs of Moher’s stand, Where waves crash and echo across the land, There lies a tale of olden days, Of warriors bold in the Irish ways.

In the misty dawn, they took their stand, Defending their homeland, their sacred land. With sword and shield, they fought with pride, Their valor echoing far and wide.

Through verdant valleys and fields of green, Their stories whispered, yet still unseen. In the heart of every Irish soul, Their legends live, forever whole.

From Tara’s hill to the Giant’s Causeway, Their footsteps echo through night and day. In every stone and ancient tree, Their spirit lingers, wild and free.

Oh, Ireland fair, with your rolling hills, Your ancient castles, your babbling rills, You hold within your storied past, The memories that forever last.

So let us raise a glass on high, To Ireland’s sons beneath the sky, Their courage, strength, and noble grace, In every corner of this sacred place.

For though the years may come and go, The spirit of Ireland will always flow, In song and story, in heart and mind, Forevermore, it’s intertwined.

alfie boydLast Seen: Mar 24, 2024 @ 2:48pm 14MarUTC

alfie boyd


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