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Sreemoyee RoyLast Seen: Mar 31, 2024 @ 10:06am 10MarUTC
Sreemoyee Roy

24th March 2024 | 11 Views

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War… Peace! War… Peace! War… Peace! What will you choose? Maybe something which is more productive! May be something which is more Developmental! OR Maybe something which is more sustainable. So, the answer is evident: “PEACE”. Then why people fight?

People fight cause of scarcity (lack of resources), competition, difference of opinions, comparisons to jot a few. Nations fight, Political Parties fight, Individuals compete, while, Times stand still. So, there is one question again that arises and that is, “Isn’t there one strategy that fits all?” The answer is YES there is. But, only if, the Humans – The most superior Est specie is will to make this change. There will be resources around us 24*7. But, are we calculative enough about the usage of those resources? Do we take actions to conserve or use the resources properly? Do we think for others before thinking about our own needs? It’s difficult! I know… But, thinking strategically it is not impossible.

Power Games are everywhere, but, True Power wins where there is a WIN-WIN situation from both the ends. It is a lack of achievement of unanimous goals/vision/mission because of which countries fight. The Unanimous Vision of a Harmonious world should be the aim of all the nations of this world. It is High time that to fulfil individual goals of a nation we sacrifice the wholesome peace of the world. Now is the time people / nation start thinking to innovate & change what has gone wrong and what can be changed in near future. There is a lot of joblessness around currently, steps can be taken minutely, to make behavioral, statistical, financial and economical changes in world models to built a Peaceful World with Stronger National Ties.

Not only Lack of Resources, but, misutilization of resources have somehow emerged as one big reason of deviation of People’s achievements from a nation’s vision. Laundering of Terrorist Financing is a big example of that. And why only that, a meagre procrastination of doing of work which is very much important for nation’s development is a big example of a drawback in this sense. I urge Governments to take care and actions on world models on time so that events like Wars, Unnecessary Competition and Unhealthy Competitions can be stopped.

There is a lot of scope of Behavioral and Attitudinal change in this world; Around 25% of the world’s population is under 15 years of old. A lot of change in thoughts can be done in order to bring the right kind of change & innovation in them. People on this earth crave for Love, Care and Affection. A Good Mentor can develop a very good Mentee for years to come and in those years we can anticipate a very good world in them without unhealthy competition and war.

People with Good Thoughts build this world, while, one single negative thought is enough to destruct the same. Hence, now is the time, let’s ponder not only to eat quality, but, also, to think quality; so that the next generation that will be coming in after us get a world of positivity, lot of opportunities and most importantly of happiness.

Sreemoyee RoyLast Seen: Mar 31, 2024 @ 10:06am 10MarUTC

Sreemoyee Roy


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