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Milyin : The best website that pay for writing articles in India

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Website That Pay For Writing In India

I was in the same phase 2 years back when extensively searching on Internet “the best website that pay for writing articles in India“. You don’t believe, I searched for straight 8 days and finally found that one. This platform relatively very easy that starting your own blog but feel you like your own blog.

Best part – It is already monetized by Google #AdSense and have Amazon affiliate option. You just have to write and start making money from day 1. You can withdraw using multiple methods including UPI and PayPal. This revolutionary platform has only one condition: Article must written by human not by AI. They have manual editors to catch you.


Where can I write articles and get paid in India

Milyin is the best website that pay for writing articles, not only in India but across the globe. Milyin allow you to write articles and get paid instantly, on any topic. You just need writing skills and withdraw as low as $1. The writer will be paid based on views and ad clicks.

This amazing platform just have one condition: Your article shouldn’t be AI generated. They have strong AI detection tools along with manual editors. The more honestly and quality articles you will write, the better you will earn.

Believe me, milyin is the best write and make money online platform for writers in India. You just need a basic writing skills along with and if you know a little SEO, it would be a plus. Just write and earn, there is prescribed number of followers needed to make money, even you can earn money from day 1 straight.

You can say that Milyin is the write and get paid instantly platform, and yes they are fully transparent as well as very supportive. If you have any doubt regarding writing and earning, you can directly chat them. Also, I would suggest to read their “creation guide” where everything is explained in detail.

How to write and make money online in India?

As I discussed, milyin is the best website that pay for writing in India as well as globally. But you might have doubt how to start writing and earning money. First of all, I want to let you know it is quite easy, you don’t need any approval or so. Just follow the below steps to get registered –

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  • Go to Google and search Milyin Or Click here to register directly.
  • Once you click on the above link, you will head to the registration page.
  • Fill the required details as mentioned here or in the above screenshot.
  • Enter your name, username (your profile name), password, gender, date of birth.
  • Finally, click on register button and your account is ready (it might require you to verify email)
  • You can change your username and profile photo any time.

Now, you can start writing and make money online by writing here. Same as WordPress, Milyin has a toolbar tab in starting which assist you while writing. You can add images, add thumbnail, everything you like to create a great content.

Milyin is like your own blog except that you don’t need to any maintenance, no need to give hosting charges, no need to take AdSense approval to monetize. You just have to write quality articles, everything is already done behalf of you.

Even you can control where the ads should be shown on your article. If you want to add a manual ad just below first paragraph then just go to earning tools (just above where you are writing) and add an ad block your required area.

Let me discuss some mind boggling features of Milyin which let you know why I am mad with Milyin. This platform is revolutionary for all the writers across the globe.

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Features Of Milyin : The best write and earn platform in India (and global)

  • Quick start – Just register and start writing
  • All the inbuilt writing tools available
  • You can write anything you want; story, experience, poems, even quotes
  • No membership (as in medium), no approval required. Start making money from day 1
  • Follow other writers to get better reach
  • Set automatic or manual ads
  • Can also make money with affiliate marketing. Don’t worry, it has inbuilt Amazon affiliate program, just turned ON and you will get commission on every sale
  • Indtant help and chat features with developers
  • Withdrawal limit is just $1, so you can withdraw from first day
  • Multiple withdrawal options available like UPI, PayPal, etc
  • You can use hashtags for broader audience and better reach
  • Lucrative refer and earn program
  • Complete creation guide section for every type of help
  • You can withdraw daily of your earn money by writing

Final Verdict

I hope this article help you understand the best website that pay for writing articles in India and yes this is Milyin. It allow you to write and get paid instantly, threshold limit is just $1, can write on any topic. This type of freedom and amazing opportunity rarely offer by any other platform.

I would highly recommend to you to join milyin if you want to make money online by writing. Thank you for reading. Follow me to be updated similar articles.

Pankaj SuyalLast Seen: Apr 17, 2024 @ 4:48pm 16AprUTC

Pankaj Suyal




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