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Your Brain on Procrastination

Sajjad Ullah KhanLast Seen: Mar 25, 2024 @ 6:35pm 18MarUTC

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“Procrastination and the Human Mind”

 In the West, whether a teacher or a student, they realize that “learning” or achieving any goal is an art, and that science is essential to understanding this art. Unfortunately we lack both science and knowledge here, our teachers and elders never share their knowledge with us, due to lack of wise elders we are all wasting our time reinventing the wheel again and again. Which not only wastes energy and time, but we don’t even reach the point that we have the ability and this is what Ash and Hassan (Ash and Hassan) call “unfair advantage” in their book. It is what happens to children who have wise and productive adults. After blaming the slumbering adults of our society, now we come to the real topic (of course it’s not their fault either, our past and present both consist of trauma and poverty).

  “You are incompetent, you are interested in sports, but you are not interested in studies. You are making excuses. Look at this so-and-so boy who studies all day” etc. She used to scold her son too because both our thinking and expectations regarding studies are unrealistic. Have we ever tried to understand the brain with the help of neuroscience, evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology and how it works?

How has the environment and conditions that our brain has endured for millions of years affected its function and how does it react to new things in this modern world? For the weak, fearful and fearful man (hunter gatherer) in the forest, the survival of himself and his species was the most important thing. In the forest, man did not face questions related to the laws of biology and physics or spirituality. Food, protection and breeding, these were the goals of man. And for these tasks we did not need to focus much, and this is the reason why we humans have weak focus or we cannot focus more than a certain time.

 “Procrastination” is a big problem in the modern world. I have faced this myself, and because of this I always beat myself up that I am a poor woman and then procrastinate because I don’t care about my future, but what about the scientists, teachers and confused students of the West. Which helped me to understand why we procrastinate and how should we deal with it?

 If you don’t have an anxiety disorder or trauma, then this article is for you, because children with trauma have different problems than normal children. This article is for those children who are normal when they are doing other things, but when they have to do work related to learning or goal, they start getting anxious and they keep avoiding this work.

Your mind is an intelligent design, and this design is designed in such a way that it does not like to put energy where the purpose is not clear and where there is a lack of discipline, where it is not completely sure. Ask how quickly the goal we set can be achieved and how rewarding the reward is for completing it, and whether or not you have the ability to achieve that goal. ?? Or have you set too many goals to get emotional and prove yourself to family/world???

 Now when you watch a motivational video and get emotional and set goals, but you have no plan, no strategy, no self-discipline, and most of all You don’t even have the ability to achieve that goal because, let’s say, you don’t have the skill set required to achieve the goal, the basic knowledge and understanding required to understand complex concepts. No. And there is a huge gap between your goal and your existing knowledge and understanding, a gap so wide that when you sit down to understand the task associated with that goal, your “brain” is filled with anxiety. I leave and then start to “delay” because he says….

 “I will not help you put energy into anything that neither of us is capable of, or that it is not possible for me to achieve so many goals, you have not made a plan or strategy, and You have self-discipline.”

Your ‘mind’ keeps saying that “you can do everything” but your ‘brain’ says that I have some limitations, I can’t do everything, you first understand me how I can do it. I work then you can make me do what you want to do through training.”

 The more food you put on your plate and that too with many different flavors, the more your mind can’t eat it. The mind likes clarity, it likes discipline, it loves predictability because when it knows that we are sitting in this place at this time every day, it will read. Get used to it and it’s easy to support you, your brain loves “certainty” (a little too much uncertainty is not bad, it’s also good for our brain’s growth, but Not much) when he is sure that yes! We will do this because our goals are realistic and low and there is no distraction around while studying, then he is motivated and supports you fully.

 Distraction is the biggest enemy of human attention. Since our brains have difficulty focusing, we are drawn to the slightest sound or notifications on the phone like a magnet. Try to minimize distractions to improve your precious attention. do This is all a training game!!!

 The philosophy of Taoism is “Less is more” and don’t take it for granted that less can be more!!

  If you give quality time to less goals, you will realize why less is better…….Reduce your goals and make realistic goals. Take a real look at your abilities and your personality and abilities. And above all, whatever goal you pursue, keep in mind that if there is a lack of skill associated with that goal, hone that skill, work on the foundation, the goal will become easier to achieve, and if ever your mind wanders. Even if he delays, let him do it, a little procrastination goes a long way, often it also means that your brain needs rest, give it a rest, so that it can refresh and get back to work.

(Translatedby Sajjad Ullah Khan from Nida Ishaque’s work)

Sajjad Ullah KhanLast Seen: Mar 25, 2024 @ 6:35pm 18MarUTC

Sajjad Ullah Khan



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