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Teenage Thrills

Lavesh VickyLast Seen: Apr 12, 2024 @ 7:26am 7AprUTC
Lavesh Vicky

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As everyone has been through this phase where things starts getting different , the age where every thing seems to be different . You feel that either you are the best at what you are doing or you feel you are the worst at what you are doing. But it’s just the age factor where you feel you can do every possible thing in this world . You get influenced by different people at this age not knowing whether its good or bad , it’s quite normal because people feel doing the same thing as the other person is doing will give them the lime light.

Going back to the time of Gen X or Millennial it was quite easy for them as there were not much of a people with bad influence and if there were the parents and guardians used to keep an eye on their ward but as the time have passed the Gen Z and the Gen Alpha have turned out to be the worst till now because they have got all the possible resources with them but they do not utilize it in a positive manner.

Good Influence

There are people who become your competition in game , academics and co-curricular activities which either gives you better competitive spirit or an inspiration , losing and winning is a part of life either you learn something or you experience sorrow , but as a natural human being you must have that will power to accept and improve yourself for your own benefit which will make you stronger , braver and more mature and practical.You will meet a lot of people who will be your support system in this journey not necessarily permanent, but will teach you many life lessons in that ample of time.

Bad Influence

Have you ever heard that saying ” Speak of the Devil” which means when a devil speaks he speaks in such a way that the other person is unable to stop from doing what that person has said . In other words it’s so manipulative that the other person is unable to stop himself from doing those bad deeds , work or use those negative words. We don’t do that because we think it’s good for us we do that thinking that the other person is the center of attraction and we desire to have the same amount of attention from other people.

Relations and Introversion

This age has too much hype about friendships , relationships and what not. To be honest friendships have a basic theory that is true and which is needed to be accepted by everyone which says that we have a particular friend at a particular timezone we cannot take each and everyone we want with us till the end of our lives , because as the time passes away the people who are too close to us today may new people in their life who may or may not be that close to your friend but trust me with this if you start accepting these things you will be the happiest and I’m not saying that every person is like this there will be people who will be with you and will put all their efforts to maintain their relation with you .

And then there is this group of people with no friends and no people around them and who love to be with themselves and there are also people who want to be with friends and want to be a part of groups but they lack communication or socializing skills . This people are often called as introverts.

The only thing which I can suggest to this people is to speak up at least to one person or adult because this won’t work if you will be alone all the time , if you are happy being alone then no problem but if not then do communicate nothing will happen.

Lavesh VickyLast Seen: Apr 12, 2024 @ 7:26am 7AprUTC

Lavesh Vicky


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