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Frog ‘s palace

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikhLast Seen: Apr 23, 2024 @ 2:17am 2AprUTC
Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh

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Img 9594Once in a far away place there lived a boy named sheen.He was the only child to his parents and he 9 years old.

sheen was very sensitive boy.he was very kind and warm hearted and people like him because he used to help everyone.

her mother always insisted him to work with his father in the field and not to go to school further but it was his dream that he will be a soldier in the future.He also loved to read the box.he daily goes to library and after cleaning the library he used to get one book daily for reading as a reward from librarian.

one day as usual after breakfast his mother again started to say that he should go to the field not to school and he should help his father.

sheen was very disappointed .He didn’t finished his breakfast and left early for his school because her mother was kept on talking .he has tears in his eyes and going with slow steps .

A river came in his way he sat beside the river and started throwing little pebbles in the water.initially he did not noticed but after a while he noticed that pebbles were coming out one by one. 
he was surprised he tried to looked inside the river , suddenly a frog came out if water and started saying webet webet.

He came near to frog and tried to look his big eyes , frogs arms hot bigger and he grabbed the boy and pushed him into the water , it was do sudden that he could not even shout fir help.

he closed his eyes with fear he thought he will be drowned because he does not know the swimming.

but after a while he opened his eyes n was shocked to see that he was sitting on the steps of a palace.He moved forward and went inside the palace.There were lots of frogs wearing beautiful dresses and jewellery like they were prince and princess and their servant.

king frog said we welcome my friend!.

Sheen was surprised to see that how a frog can talk like a human.

king told him that once they were human and lived a wonderful life.a monster came and he converted all of us into the frogs.he has a golden lock in his neck with a key if u can bring that we will ahain change into human.

boy said how would i know about monster where he lives.king told that he lives on other side of river.king gave him a sword too.

sheen said i dont know the swimming.king said you just close your eyes .sheen did the same and when he opened his eyes he was another side of was a beautiful garden there .He moved forward he saw a huge monster eating lots of coconuts 🥥 .

Sheen waited for him to finish eating.after eating he was sleeping and sheen thought that it is the best chance to kill him.he went quietly and started climbing on gaint  monster it was like climbing a hill.he reached on his chest and stabbed the sword on his chest he grawled so loudly and all of a sudden converted into ashes.

sheen took the lock with key and went to the river side.frog was already waiting for him.frog asked him to close the eyes and then he was in the palace.he has given the lock and key to the king.king opened the lock and all of a sudden all the frogs were converted into real humans.there were lots of princess and prince.

king said thanks to the sheen and give him lots of gifts and money.When the sheen came out of the palace he saw there was no river.

Huge palace was stood in the ground.He started running towards home .

when he entered the home he surprised his mother was still on breakfast table waiting for him and timw was stopped for a while.

he told everything to mom and has given her all the gifts and money.she was very happy.

they lived happily ever after and he used to go school daily and hos mother now never asked him tomleave school.

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikhLast Seen: Apr 23, 2024 @ 2:17am 2AprUTC

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh



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