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sourav mukherjee

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He has a funny grandfatherly face, he is very old, he is about 40 or 50 years old. He used to live on the floor of the garpachala hut.

He had a blanket, a broken clock, a stick and a bull. Don’t say that that skinny old man is his one and only boss, meanwhile several boys from the market floor used to say this and that to that old man, the old man was very calm but, one day, unable to bear the teasing of those boys, The old Satan said, “Look, it’s good cultivation, then move away.

 If you take the bull you are looking at, it is my pet. If I tell you, they will make you such that you will not find a way to escape.” As soon as he said that, the bull dug the ground with his horns and instead of running behind the boys, he stood there and started to scold the boys. Seeing this, the boys laughed a lot when they left.A person came from the side and said to the old man, “Hey, Khuro, who are you talking about? Your bull is not Bhola. It looks exactly like him. His name is Shant. After a while, Bhola came.

The old man was surprised to see what a strange similarity in appearance he was. The next day. The boys came and started teasing the old man in the same way, the old man said the same thing again to warn the boys and started laughing at the bull, but before the old man could tell the bull, he dug the ground with his horn and ran away. He did not dare to come near

sourav mukherjeeLast Seen: Mar 23, 2024 @ 5:45pm 17MarUTC

sourav mukherjee



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