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The prince Raad and jasmine flower

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Once upon a time there lived a king who has 2 was her beloved.From other wife he has 4 sons .But he has no child from the beloved one.

one day an old relative of king came from far away place and he gave him some water to drink.He said king will have one son now but he has not to look into his eyes otherwise he will be blind. 
After sometimes new prince was born and king has given him the name prince Raad.As per advice of old relative king has never seen into the eyes of his son. 
unfortunatly one day king was coming from hunting and the Raad was also coming from the other side .They both saw eachother and all of sudden king become blind.Everyone was shocked to hear that.prince Raad was also got sad and he decided thathe will do something.He call many doctors of that times to see his father but one of the doctor told him that king will be completely all right if u will touch the flower jasmine to his eyes.But nobody knows that from where we can find have to search for it.

prince Raad decided that he will bring the flower.He started his day in the jungle he was tired and was sleeping under the tree for sime times suddenly he opened his eyes because of a horrible laughter.He was frightened to see that there was a big monster standing in front of him.

Monster grab prince ‘s body into his hands , suddenly a crowd of people came into the jungle who were on the camels they almost 20 camels.

monster throw the prince aside and moved towards the camels and in a minutes he turned and broke the necks if camels and eaten all.All the people ran away and left their all the things over there.when the prince saw that now the monster is sleeping after eating camels , he decided to run quickly but suddenly an idea came into hos mind that if can please this monster may he can help him.

He made a pudding and custard as the people has left there so many things.Because of smell of the pudding and custard, monster woke up and started eating all.He was very pleased he tap the back of prince and sais that he made a wonderful thing for him to eat he has never eaten it before.He asked the prince for any help if he wants.The prince told him all the story about his father ‘ s blindness.

The monster said that i ask my sister marala she will help you.Then he send him to the marala.Marala told him that jasmine flower is only available in princess jasmine palace and nobody can enter there.But she can do it for him.

She made a clap and hundreds of mouse came . She asked them to go and make a underground tunnel in the princess jasmine ‘s palace. 
Marala asked the Raad to sit on her arms and she started flying.they reached at the jasmine’ s palace. 

Prince entered into the palace through the tunnel he was very amazed to see the beautiful palace.

Suddenly he saw the beautiful princess was sleeping on her bed in the water and beside her was the jasmine flower.he went slowly and picked the flower he saw for the last time towards princess.He decided that one day he will marry her. He picked the flower and went towards his palace.

in the way back to his father hes thought to check that either flower is working or not he came into a village and there he found one blind man.He touched the flower to his eyes and the man shouted with happiness that he can see now.

On the other side step brothers thought that Raad will bring the flower and he will be again beloved to their father so they also decided to go and get the flower.But they were failed to find and they thought to lie .They took an ordinary flower and said to the people that its the jasmine flower that will work.Fortunately the blind man that was treated by Raad was also there he said that this is not the real one.The real flower is with a handsome boy who treated me and i n fine now and he went through this way.

They step brothers follow the Raad and finally found him n slaved him.They grab the flower and came towards their father.The king was fine completely when they touched the flower to his eyes.Everyone was happy.There was great function in the palace.Everyone was was allowed to come and eat and enjoy.

The Raad was succeeded to escape from the slave. He was worried then suddenly he remembered that marala gave him her ring that when he will rub it she will come.He did the same what she told him.

In a moment Marala was there.She listened to him carefully and she gave him an idea.That she is building a palace for him and he then invite the king there.The raad said ok build it like jasmine ‘s palace.She did the same.

princess jasmine was very sad because of her flower when she heard from her fairies that someone has built a same palace like her she thought he must be the thief because nobody has watched her palace from inside.she decided to go there.

the prince Raad invited the king  into his palace to tell him the truth.when king entered in the palace his soldiers recognised the prince Raad.The king was very happy to find his son .He told him the real story .The king punished the step brothers.And make the Raad next king of the state.

one day king Raad thought to propose the jasmine.He never knew that she was already in the palace.she was there working as a servant and was checking the nature of king Raad.she found him kind and helpful for the poor and needy and she was in love with him.

when king announces that he is going to propose the princess jasmine then she came forward and daid that King you have not to go anywhere.i am here .she smiled.

The king was very happy .They both got married and lived happily ever after.And Raad also forgave his brothers too.

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh



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