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What is OTT Advertising and How Does it Work

Meryem RaiLast Seen: Mar 20, 2024 @ 2:06pm 14MarUTC
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20th March 2024 | 1 Views
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The use of OTT advertising has increased recently. As streaming services become more well-known, watchers are increasingly going to the best OTT advertising platforms to quench their thirst for entertainment. Because of this, advertisers are beginning to do the same after seeing that OTT advertising can reach crowds in a more engaging and customized manner.

Recent statistics indicate that AVOD OTT services will reach 3.349 billion individuals by 2025. Also, OTT advertising revenue is expected to surpass $210 billion universally by 2026. These numbers show the critical effect that OTT advertising can have on organizations looking to reach their target audience.

This article will explore what OTT app advertising is and how it Works. Plus, the advantages of OTT platform advertising and how it can assist brands in connecting with their clients meaningfully.

What is OTT Advertising?

Ott Tv App

OTT ads are advertisements that are shown on your TV through a device like a streaming stick or smart TV, and they come from a streaming service on the internet. In simple terms, OTT ads are like commercials you see while watching streaming TV. The cool thing for advertisers is that they can reach many people as more folks switch to streaming instead of regular cable or TV channels.

Some streaming services have ads with lower fees. Big ones like Amazon’s Freeview, Paramount’s Pluto TV, and Fox’s Tubi have ads along with their shows.

OTT ads work like regular ads for brands that sell directly to consumers. But the special part is that they can follow and show more ads to viewers until they take action, like making a purchase.

How is Over the Top Advertising Delivered?

The streaming service decides how to send videos to devices like Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV. They might use video ad-serving templates to put ads in the videos. There are two ways to OTT ads: one where the device asks for the ad, and the other where the server puts the ad in the video directly.

The first way, called client-side ad insertion, puts ads on devices like desktops or gaming consoles. The device asks the ad server for an ad when it reaches a certain point in the video.

 The second way, server-side ad insertion, puts ads right into the streamed video. It’s a bit complicated, but the server takes care of adding the ad instead of the device.

 The good thing about server-side ad insertion is that ad blockers do not easily stop it, and it gives users a smoother experience because ads don’t have to load separately.

Benefits of Over the Top Advertising

 1. Ad-supported OTT services are on the rise

One of the benefits of OTT advertising is more and more people are choosing ad-supported OTT solutions. These services, like streaming platforms, give users a mix of free content and ads that match their interests. It’s like a win-win situation where viewers get to enjoy cool stuff without spending much, and advertisers get a chance to connect with a wide audience.

2. Consumers prefer ad-supported streaming 

When you can get high-quality stuff for free, why spend the extra money? Ad-supported streaming is becoming increasingly popular among consumers who like the smooth integration of relevant adverts into their entertainment. This preference guarantees a broader audience reach and creates additional channels for marketers to interact with new customers. 

3. Better targeting 

OTT app ads are like a core for advertisers because it lets them aim their ads directly at the most interested people. They can customize their messages based on what users like, how they behave, and where they live. This personal touch makes sure that ads connect with the right folks. It makes marketing campaigns more powerful and successful. 

4. OTT advertising works without third-party cookies 

Streaming content is getting super popular, and guess what? It gives an excellent way to target ads without using cookies. Let’s understand better: 

1. Contextual advertising targets TV/video content categories instead of individuals. Therefore, it does not require cookies. 

2. Streaming services collect user data during registration and activity, enabling effective targeting. You can use their data without actually accessing it. 

3. You can use IP addresses and timestamps to report on OTT ad effectiveness. 

4. OTT video ads have higher completion rates 

People can’t skip ads, use ad blockers, or switch channels on OTT platforms since they’re only watching one. This means there’s a higher chance that viewers will watch your entire ad. While they could step away, many watch content on mobile devices, like on the train or in the car, where leaving isn’t an option.  

Although you might worry this could annoy your audience, they like it because they get free content. In simple terms, they’re okay with ads because it’s part of the deal for getting content without paying. 

5. Measure and optimize 

In OTT advertising, it’s all about keeping things simple: measure, improve, and succeed. Advertisers can adjust their plans to make the biggest impression by looking closely at how people watch. With up-to-the-minute info, you have the power to make smart choices, making sure your ads don’t just get noticed but stay in people’s minds. 

6. Save money 

OTT video platform is a smart tool for reaching exactly the people you want. You get videos people watch until the end, and you can see how well your ads are doing. This means you can use your money wisely and make sure you get the most bang for your advertising ROI. 

Adding OTT advertising to your marketing plan is like adding a secret ingredient. It makes your brand stand out even more. More people notice your brand when you spread your ads across different places. It’s like teamwork between different channels that makes your advertising strategy even more successful. 


Simply put, OTT advertising is a smart way for businesses to reach their audience. As more people enjoy services with ads and accurate targeting, using OTT ads in your marketing plan can make your brand more visible and give you good value for your money. In the changing world of online marketing, grabbing the advantages of OTT advertising helps businesses succeed in the crowded and super-competitive online marketing space.

Meryem RaiLast Seen: Mar 20, 2024 @ 2:06pm 14MarUTC

Meryem Rai



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