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Or so I thought…

Thelma AnyafuLast Seen: Mar 25, 2024 @ 8:25am 8MarUTC
Thelma Anyafu

23rd March 2024 | 26 Views
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Looking back, I always wondered what the point of everything was, studying, eating, bathing , making money, even when we didn’t want to , we had to, because society made us. An idea was put in our head that this was the norm so we conformed to it even when we actually did not want to. Fat girls were seen as disgusting when being fat was not a problem, so fat girls wanted to be thin. Thin girls, felt they were too skinny that they wanted to add weight,when nothing was wrong with them, tall girls wanted to be shorter and short girls wanted to be taller, no one was content because society kept giving us impossible rules to follow. Do this, do not do this, if this is done, you will be labelled as this. I found it absurd that you couldn’t be your own person, you had to hide your true self away from everyone and even yourself so that you won’t earn yourself a term. If you had thoughts of revenge you were probably a bad person but what if actually it was you that was hurt, you were the one that was shattered, so why couldn’t I feel the pleasure, the other person felt when they hurt me. It was unfair, Society was unfair, worst of all, being a girl in the 21st century was also unfair.

“Luna!, Get down here, it is time for school”, my mum’s voice interrupted my thought process as I was penning into my journal another one of my pieces,”I’m coming, be there in a sec”. I gave my writing a look over, I was pretty sure I was on to something here, if the judges read this piece they would absolutely pity it, but first I would have to prevent them from finding out how perfect my life is, society gave me a perfect life. I was the IT girl. Highschool was my kingdom and there, I ruled with my popular quarterback boyfriend.

I rammed the book into my latest Channel pink purse, the theme for the day was baby pink, I expected the girls to come wearing pink, after all I started it and I was their queen.

As I pulled up my Audi in my parking space, it was just mine, I scanned the area, I smiled wistfully, some girls really did have it bad, like for instance fat faitie, and long Anjana, I really would never like to be it their shoes, I snorted and click clacked into my kingdom earning states from my adoring worshippers, some people would call be delusional but actually, I think I’m just a tad bit dramatic, but that’s not important, I was already late and I wouldn’t get to see the girls and Blake before lunch, but I could survive, no problem. Time went by , as a barely paid attention to any of the teachers, something felt off, ahhh, yes, the group chat was empty, there were no unending annoying messages from the girls. I would probably question them on that.

I walked into the cafeteria, walking to the table I saw the girls dressed in white,”Wtf!”, I whisper yelled at them, “I specifically told you this is a pink day ,how dare you guys disobey me and make me look stupid in school” I yelled at them very close to stamping my heels.”Get of your high horse, Luna, you’re done here, we’ve dropped you and can’t really associate with your likes, we’ve put up with you all these years because we thought you were perfect and even when you slept with our boyfriends we broke up with them, and let you get away , you e bullied everyone and this time around, step down or the whole school will know you went to fat camp”,Ashley seethed as my fave turned white,”What,how!, “, I stuttered, it was not possible, it was not possible,…..

“get out of here, fat bitch”

I heard the whispers as I stumbled out of the cafeteria, I blindly drove home still hearing the whispers, my life was ruined , there was no point in living , I cried as wrote my entry for the competition, whether anything was really worth it, I clothed my insecurities and became a mean bitch and at the end it wasn’t worth 

I stuck a blade on my skin, sobs racking through me, was anything worth it?.

That was the last thought in my mind before I blacked out with a promise to get the girls back 

Thelma AnyafuLast Seen: Mar 25, 2024 @ 8:25am 8MarUTC

Thelma Anyafu



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