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The Crimson Rose Heist

Noted Moments

18th March 2024 | 1 Views

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Part I: The Break-In

The Museum of Lost Treasures stood like a forgotten sentinel. Its ancient stones whispering secrets of civilizations long gone. Jack “The Wonder” Donovan, a man of shadows and secrets himself, had studied the museum’s layout for weeks. Tonight, he would steal the Crimson Rose, a large diamond that had eluded every thief before him.

Jack’s heart raced as he slipped through the laser grid, his breath synchronized with the rhythmic hum of the security system. Mona, his partner in crime, monitored the cameras from their hideout. Her voice crackled in his earpiece, “You’re clear, Jack.”

The gallery lay before him; a dimly lit chamber adorned with masterpieces. The Crimson Rose rested on a velvet pedestal, its facets winking like forbidden promises. Uncaged, but still protected, Jack’s gloved hand reached out to the diamond, but then the room shifted. The walls closed in, and the ceiling descended. Panic surged through him as he believed it was a set up. He was now trapped, and the evidence was in the tight clutches of his fist.

Part II: The Riddles

Professor Evelyn Sinclair’s voice echoed through hidden speakers. “Welcome, Mr. Donovan. Solve my riddles, or the gallery becomes your tomb.”

Jack’s mind raced. The first riddle appeared:

“I am taken from a mine, and shut up in a wooden case, from which I am never released. What am I?”

His grin widened. “A pencils lead!” he shouted. The walls shuddered, revealing the next riddle:

“I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have nobody, but I come alive with the wind. What am I?”

Jack thinks out loud, then shouts. “I know!” He yells as his voice multiplies. “Ha ha, an echo, right?” The walls shudder once again, revealing the third riddle:

“What has keys, but can’t open locks?”

Jack’s pulse quickened. “A piano!” he yelled. The room trembled, and the ceiling lowered.

Part III: The Final Answer

As night blurred into day, Jack solved riddles, dodged traps, and fought exhaustion. But the final riddle stumped him:

“What is the weight of a broken heart?”

He had no answer. The walls closed in, slowly crushing him. In his delirium, he envisioned a faded picture; a girl with amber eyes. Her laughter echoing through time. His daughter, Lily, lost to him after a bitter separation.

Desperation fueled his resolve. Jack whispered, “A broken heart weighs more than any gem.”

The room froze. The ceiling halted. Professor Sinclair’s voice returned. “Correct, Mr. Donovan. But there’s a price for that answer.”

Part IV: It Can Only Be Bittersweet

The gallery floor opened, revealing a pit. Jack descended, the Crimson Rose clutched in one hand, and a tattered photograph of Lily in the other. The pit led to an underground river; a Styx of sorts.

As Jack stepped into the icy water, memories flooded back. Lily’s laughter, her tiny hand in his. The separation that tore them apart. He kissed the photograph, tears blending with the river.

The current pulled him under. The last thing he saw was Lily’s face, forever etched in his mind. The Crimson Rose almost slipping from his grasp, sinking into oblivion. “I need to focus. I can’t lose this diamond! It’s all that I have,” Jack thought, as he sank to the bottom of the deep river.

Part V: The Forgotten Promise

Beneath the museum, Jack woke up. As he coughed up the water that attempted to drown him, he found himself in a cavern; a forgotten chamber where time stood still. The walls bore ancient inscriptions, and torches flickered, casting eerie shadows.

In that subterranean realm, Jack encountered a spectral figure; the ghost of a long-dead artist named Elias Thorne. Elias had painted the very portrait of Lily that haunted Jack’s memories. His eyes held centuries of sorrow.

“You seek redemption,” Elias whispered. “The Crimson Rose was my creation, a symbol of love and loss. It was meant to heal hearts, not break them.”

Jack’s chest tightened. “Why trap me?”

Elias’s gaze bore into Jack’s soul. “To save you from yourself. You see, Lily’s spirit lingers here too. She waits for you.”

And so, Jack wandered the underground gallery, glimpsing Lily’s form in every shadow. He spoke to her, confessed his sins, and begged for forgiveness. But she remained silent, her amber eyes filled with both love and reproach.

Part VI: The Final Choice

As Jack stood in the cavern, he faced a choice. The Crimson Rose lay before him, its bright red fire dimmed by centuries of regret. Elias’s ghost watched, Jack’s hollow eyes pleading.

Jack hesitated. The diamond could grant him wealth, but at what cost? He thought of Lily, her laughter echoing through time. He thought of the separation, the bitterness that had torn them apart. The lose of family and financial struggle, had made them feel complete disconnection.

With trembling hands, he placed the Crimson Rose on the riverbank. “Take it,” he whispered to Elias. “Let it heal your broken heart.”

Elias’s form wavered, then dissolved into light. But before she vanished forever, she left Jack one last quote. “Return to me. Come home.” As her words reached his heart, Jack began to cry. Falling to his knees, he begged to return home.

Almost as if time was up, Jack was awoken by Elias. “Jack! Hey, wakeup!”

“Ahhhh,” Jack shouted. Scaring their dog Mona away from the doorway.

Elias jumped back. “Are you ok?”

Jack looked around and realized he was home. His breath slowly calmed to the surroundings he was now familiar with. “I’m home.” Tears began to flow, as Jack remembered everything.

Part VII: A New Beginning

“Jack, what’s wrong?” Asked Elias. His wife rubbing his head and kissing his hand. “Did you have a bad dream?”

“Yes, and I wanted to tell you that I was sorry.” Jack brushed the tears from his face and looked straight into Elias’s eyes. “I’m sorry that I haven’t been there for you and that I haven’t allowed you to be there for me. I blame myself for losing my job, and I really blame myself for not saving our daughter.”

Elias sighs and also begins to cry. “No, she had cancer, it wasn’t your fault. We couldn’t save her. Don’t… don’t do that to yourself. Stop doing that honey. Please…”

“I know, but I’m her father. I can’t help it. I ruined everything.” Elias grabs her husband and holds him tightly. They cried for many hours, until they fall asleep in eachothers arms.

As time went on, Jack and Elias slowly became connected again. They knew they needed to heal together. Jack decided to find a wonderful therapist whose name was Evelyn Sinclair. She worked with the couple to help them not only bond once again, but also spend time mourning their daughter the right way. No more would Jack allow his financial problems or his pain, to destroy the only relationship with the only person he had left.

At the cemetery, Jack and Elias leave crimson flowers for their daughter on her grave. They pray for her spirit and sit for a while together. As if all was peaceful, Jack felt a warm breeze engulf him like a hug. He looks around and sees Lily standing and waving at him from a distance. He smiles at her as she glides away, slowly fading into the soft winds; leaving a kiss on Jack’s cheek, below a falling tear. He knew what he had to do. Stay strong, work hard, and love his wife with everything in him.

“Hey Jack,” says Elias. He looks down at his wife and kisses her gently on the forehead. “I hope it’s not too soon, but we will be having a baby. A boy this time.”

Jack processes the news and stands up. Lifting his wife in the air, he shouts with glee. A new addition to his family is the best news he could receive, and with Lily’s spirit finally resting in peace, the couple would finally be parents again



Noted Moments



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