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Socks got sick 🐶

24th April 2024 | 6 Views

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Once upon a time a girl named Bluey wanted a puppy.

Her parents didn’t allow her to have a puppy .But one day on her birthday she woke up early and went outside and saw a abandon puppy .

She begged her Parents to keep it .They agreed and said ok!! It’s fine but you have to take care Of it by urself.

Bluey agreed and promised them that she will take care of it properly and she wont bother her mom.She named the puppy Sock .

One Day socks got sick so bluey went to the town to fix socks health.

First Bluey asked the shop keeper for help the shopKeeper said I do not know how to fix puppies so finally she went to the witch baker and asked her  for help.

No i m really sorry i cant fix it i dont know much about the puppies said witch baker but I know who can help you said the witch .

who? Bluey asked ?

 The great Wolf Howl …said the witch .

where is the the great wolf Howl?asked Bluey? He is across the volcano.Then the dinosaurs ,  the Desert and the forest. Its 80000 miles away.

Bluey was shocked she said What ?? ok! with which vehicle i can go there?

 witch smiled and said dont worry  l will send you a Car that can drive as much as you want. 

Now go and pack your bag said the witch .

OK!! thank you , Bluey replied very happily.

Next day witch baker sent a car early in the moring.Bluey was looking out of window and thinking  that either witch baker will fulfil thw promise or not.suddenly she saw something flying towards her .It was a blue color car with wings at the side.Bluey got happy , she opened the window of her room very quitely as everyone was sleeping .First she kept all her luggage in the car and she  carried the puppy in her lap.puppy was very sick and has fever.she sat in the flying car and shewent through the desert then she crossed the big volcano.Then she was happy to see the

dinosaurs .These were so many and all were looking up towards the car.Bluey waved all the dinosaurs.she crossed the forest and then finally bluey reached the  great wolf howl.

She reached at a house in  the ground that was fully covered with flowers.When she knocked the door a teenager came out she was a human.

But she had wolf ears a tail ,sharp teeth and blue eyes .Bluey was shocked to see her.
Wolf asked her.

What is your name ?and what do you want? 

She replies that my name is bluey and my puppy is sick nobody can fix it.The witch baker told me that you can help me .I have came here to take your help to fix my  puppy.

The Howl  said fine… but don’t touch anything in the house till you are here and i fix your puppy.she started fixing the puppy 🐶.

The howl served bluey some soup and garlic was so yummy.she has eaten all and slept in the comfy sofa next to the fire place as she was so tired and it was going to be evening time.

After some times she woke up with the happy giggling sound.She stand quickly and saw her puppy was happily playing with balls here and there.

 Here is your puppy she is now fixed . Said the howl.

Thank you !said bluey and hugged her.

Howl also gave her a basket full of candies  and chocolates.she happily returned to her home.



NOTE: nobody knows that bluey has a closet full of 28 puppies


Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh



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