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Stone age (for kids)

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Stone age covers a huge time period over 300 million years.

Img 9548Img 9423The Stone Age starts from when the first humanImg 9549was like animal came into existence. The earliest evidence has been found in Africa.

The Stone Age is so called because the earliest humans used stone to make tools with a sharp edge or point.

The Stone Age is broken down into smaller time neriods that we can understand it very easily.


During this long period of time humans or close relatives of humans called Homo habilis, who used simple stone tools, slowly developed into the modern humans are called Homo sapiens.This is the ild ancient time when human used to live in caves.They have to hunt for their food.

Neolithic -(modern Era)

This is the time that farming began, pottery was developed and villages were built.This is called modern era.Humans  were more civilised.

In paleolithic time period human were cave dwellers.They used stones and rub them to burn the fire.🔥 By this they used to keep them selves warm.
As the time increased population increased and they become more intelligent and started building the houses.1st they used sticks and animal skins for building the house but then they started using the mud. Rubbish and stones to buid their houses.And in the modern era their houses were well formed and were more insulated, more specious and well maintained.Now these have beds and kitchen tools too.

In the early Palaeolithic times the animal were man source of food.They used to hunt for whole day.some archeologists that early human used to eat the last meal of an animal after cutting their stomach.

In the modern era they started eating vegetables.Farming has begin and the grew sunflower seed nettle seed and hazel nuts.

initially they used to wore the plant fibers in the early paleolithic times and covered their bodies but then in the developing time period they used animal skin sewn together with bne needles and kept their bodies warm with climate change.

language was not used in the early time period they used to make the symbols that were found in the cave walls.But with the time period language was evolved.

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikhLast Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 9:05pm 21AprUTC

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh



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