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Faithful fox

Z a KhanLast Seen: Mar 27, 2024 @ 8:09pm 20MarUTC
Z a Khan

16th March 2024 | 2 Views
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Farmers have lots of radish in their fields. Trees are planted. And some rabbits in his field used to come to this farmer’s field from the nearby forest and eat all the radishes. The farmer was very worried about this, he was thinking a lot about how to save the radishes from the rabbit. That day and night, he is very worried while guarding the fields, when his eyes fall on a fox, which is seen around the farmer’s field. She looks very hungry and thirsty like a farmer, then the farmer goes inside his hut, and whatever he has left to eat, he puts it in one place and after seeing the fox, he goes inside and sleeps. That day suddenly the farmer feels very sleepy, then wakes up in the morning and sees that not a single radish is missing from the field. That is, the rabbits did not eat even a single radish; seeing this, the farmer becomes very happy and understands that this is all the work of the fox.

 The farmer understands that he has driven away the rabbits. After this the farmer gave the fox very good food. Actually, this fox used to live in the nearby forest, due to the heat the forest gets on fire, and due to the earthquake in Jabwaru, this fox wanders into the farmer’s field, just in case the farmer also gets a post. There was a need for a doorman, God was kind to the farmer and sent the fox to the farmer.

 Now it was the fox’s responsibility to protect the rabbit every day. And in return the farmer would give him a full meal. It was the fox’s duty to stay awake all night and drive away the rabbit.

Z a KhanLast Seen: Mar 27, 2024 @ 8:09pm 20MarUTC

Z a Khan



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