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AI Detection Tools: False Positive Rates

Sonal ShrivastavaLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 8:57am 8AprUTC
Sonal Shrivastava

31st March 2024 | 8 Views
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AI stands for artificial intelligence. Any content, whether text, images, graphics, audio, or videos generated by software and not created by a human being, is called AI content.

Nowadays, many content creators have started using AI software to generate content. Often, it is noticed that content is missing a human touch. A quality is missing. Even people have started thinking like computers. They have become robots. Reading and writing such content kills the natural ability to think and create.

Recently, the contents of many creators have been recognized as AI-generated.  Even many human written contents are recognized as AI-generated, although creators don’t have the proof. I gave serious thought to such issues. Through discussion with content creators and experts, I came to know that even a normal human being can write ✍️ in a monotonous robotic 🤖 tone. It’s obvious for software to detect such content to be AI-generated. It is no surprise your hard labor in creating content may be diminished due to the false positive rate of AI detection tools. It’s quite frustrating 😔. Whenever you read about a topic, collect various information often through the web, the most convenient way to retrieve it. It’s natural to copy certain text in your content and then re-edit them to avoid plagiarism. Mostly creators and writers directly start typing on a system, copy-pasting, and re-editing certain portions. It’s not a time-saving effort, in the future, it will be time-consuming. Sitting before a machine and generating thoughts often produce monotonous thoughts that might sound robotic to a reader.

My suggestion, in this case, will be that you should be very careful with whatever you have learned about a topic. Collecting pieces of information through the Internet, books, and journals is no doubt the first criterion for researching a topic. You can also discuss certain points with your friends and colleagues who are interested in topics you love to read and write about. After collecting information regarding the topic, let your thoughts come naturally and write them on paper first. It will develop a natural way of thinking. Then start typing on a system. I know the process seems to be time-consuming, but it will not kill your natural ability to think. In the future, this process will be time-saving.

Sonal ShrivastavaLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 8:57am 8AprUTC

Sonal Shrivastava



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