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Dragon’s valley

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikhLast Seen: Apr 19, 2024 @ 2:26pm 14AprUTC
Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh

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Once in a far away village there lived two friends Rabica and faira.They were of same age.Rabica was very much fond of reading books while faira was much fun loving.

one day Rabica said that today I don’t want to play , I want to be quite n read a new story book which her grandfather bought for her from city  as he used to sell his crops there.

Faira was very bored she used to play with Rabica, s rabbit.Both were near a big tree which was very old.After a while Rabica hear a sound of snore.She thought it’s the sound of wind.She continued reading .Again the sound of snoring came and this time faira also heard it.Now both were frightened.They came near to tree and sit quitely.

Suddenly faira saw a crack in the bottom of tree.The sound was coming from there.Rabica try to remove the dust with her hands and then both were very much surprised to see that there was a door .they both get entered inside.There was a beautiful garden.everywhere there were lots of colourful flowers.Butterflies were also flying here and was quite pleasant atmosphere there.There were lots of fruit trees.There were apples , strawberries , oranges .Faira started picking the strawberries.They both forget that what brought them here”  a sound of snoring “.They both moved forward.

Rabica stopped faira at some distance.They saw a big dragon who was sleeping and her 2 baby dragon were also there.Faira was very much frightened but Rabica asked her not to make noise.There were lots of golden eggs and jewellery was there.They both started collecting it suddenly dragon woke up and growled on then.Both stopped themselves.

Rabica threw some strawberries to the baby dragons.Baby dragons started giggling.Dragon was amused to see the babies.Rabica holded te hand of faira  and starting running.when the dragon saw they  both are running he also moved towards them he took out the fire from mouth many trees were burnt but Rabica was so intelligent she hided herself and faira behind a big stone.

Dragon was trying to smell them.Rabica always used to keep a knife in her pocket as they both were in village so she used to keep it always for safety.when the dragon moved forward she jumped on his big tail and stabbed it with knife.

Dragon grawled so loudly and started moving here and there.His tail was completely cut and there was lots of blood.They both were surprised to see that where ever the blood was dropping it was becoming gold.Finally dragon was fainted.

They both collected the jwellary  and strawberries in their frocks and went back to the door.They came outside .The cracked was disappear.They both went back home showed everything to the parents.Their parents were poor .All were happy .

Rabica opened a school for the girls in the village and she bought so many books from the city and also made a library in the village.they all lived happily ever after…

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikhLast Seen: Apr 19, 2024 @ 2:26pm 14AprUTC

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh



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