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I saw video three weeks ago. I forgotten the name of the creator. I wish to apologize, however the thing this creator was discussing about grab my attention more than her name (sorry). She was saying that, ever since she started thanking God for a miracle morning things started to shift in her life.

So I thought to myself. Why not practice what she is saying. I am a follower of Law of attraction. Somehow it made more sense to ask for miracles than challenges right?

I began to not only say this in the morning in my mirror. I will sit at my work desk and write my miracle morning, afternoon and evening. Why limit it only to the mornings right? For three weeks now, all that I have written down materialize. I have synchronicity happenings daily and my life is on an upward climb. 

Practice the miracle morning affirmations Thank God, Universe or what entity you believe in and believe it will come. 

It’s time to ride the will of the Universe in accordance to its own frequency instead of going against it’s flow.

BilablissLast Seen: Mar 26, 2024 @ 6:27am 6MarUTC




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