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What is networking ??

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What is networking ??

Ever wondered what is networking ? what does all the term like wan , lan mean

well you are in luck cause we are going dive into that right now .

when you are in IT profession it is very common for people to mention terms like ip address ,switch , nodes etc . but how do we differentiate between them and understand there deeper meaning .

first of all we would need to understand what networking is , a network between two devices or multiple devices is just means of communication . the internet we know is just flow of information

from one device to other . so now as we understand networking , what are different method that can be used for networking devices .

LAN : stands for local area network . it mainly used for transmitting information on a local scale and communication on local level between devices . it is wired form of connection .

WLAN : stands for wireless local area network . it is just like lan but does not rely on wired form of connection .

WAN : stands for wide area network . it is used for sharing of information on a much larger scale than LAN .

MAN : stands for metropolitan area network . it falls somewhere in between LAN AND WAN , it is bigger than LAN but smaller than WAN .

PAN : stands for personal area network , it is used for a single person lets say just to share one file from your device to other .

SAN : stands for storage area network , it is used to access block storage or cloud storage .

VPN : stand for virtual private network , it is a secure point to point connection between two device which is often used for privacy and security reason .

we will talk more about it in out next article .

straw hacksLast Seen: Mar 29, 2024 @ 11:20am 11MarUTC

straw hacks



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