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This story is about the reflection  of KINDNESS  AND MERCY  of Lord Almighty.The story took place at Guruvayoor. GURUVAYOOR  is  known  as the famous PILGRIM  CENTRE  in SOUTH INDIA..One day ,lot of unniyappams(type of sweet food) were dedicated  to Lord Gurvayoorappa.Two children were there  in  the temple  at  that time.The story is about the reflection of KINDNESS AND MERCY of Lord Almighty.
They came there to pray.The children  became hungry. Then they dedicated the food  item to God,and began to eat.While the priest and the devotees  came,they found out  that there WERE  no food.Suddenly ,they all began to blame 2 children and gave punishment to them.And the punishment was to run around the temple  for several times. BUT FOR THE WONDER AND SURPRISE OF ALL,THERE WERE 3 CHILDREN WHILE RUNNING AROUND THE   TEMPLE   🕍. A ND SUDDENLY A  VOICE LIKE THUNDERSTORM CAME.IT BEGAN TO SAY THAT ME  WAS ALSO THERE  WITH  THEM  TO  EAT  UNNIYAPPAMS. SO LET ME ALSO GET PUNISHED.AND WHEN THE 3 CHILDREN,WHILE REACHED IN CENTRE OF THE TEMP.LE,THERE WERE ONLY 2 children. ALL PILGRIMS  AND DEVOTEES BECAME FEARED.THEY GOT AFRAID ON THE MERCY AND KINDNESS REFLECTIONS  OF THE PROTECTOR,LORD ALMIGHTY GURVAYOORAPPA.EVERYONE BEGAN TO PRAY INORDER TO ATTAIN  CALMNESS AND PEACE  DURING THIS  SITUATION.Amazon Affiliate Link

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