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Single woman: Challenges

Sonal ShrivastavaLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 8:57am 8AprUTC
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25th March 2024 | 15 Views
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Nowadays, many adult, career-oriented women prefer to stay single. They don’t want to be in a relationship, change their marital status, and decide to stay single. Their ideology is that nobody can question or force them to change their way of life. They want to live in a democratic and independent world. Such a trend is gaining currency among many celebrities and media personalities. They are doing their best and many working women are taking inspiration from them worldwide. Let’s discuss some of the common challenges a single woman has to face:

  • Lack of trust by society: Most traditional societies always remain suspicious about the capabilities and performance of a single woman. Even in the advanced, hi-tech, democratic world, most sections of educated societies take her to be weak or mentally unstable. Most people can’t believe that a woman can do any daring task. She is considered a social burden by many people. One reason for such thinking is that she can’t help other people in need. The education system is teaching knowledge of subjects but not focusing sincerely on gender equality.

  • Considered a soft target: she is often harassed at work and among family members on petty issues. The reason could be that nobody is there to take her side or that she lacks support from a powerful and influential person. Many times, she suffers from the fear of sexual harassment. Society always puts a question mark on her abilities, especially in a country like India, where a traditional pattern of patriarchal society is still followed among many families.

  • Societal Pressure: She constantly feels the pressure to prove herself. When a woman is single, social expectations are higher. People often become judgmental about her every action. She remains under constant scrutiny. She also needs to contribute to society by doing her job.

  • Lack of acceptance and tolerance: society frequently does not tolerate bold, self-assured single women. It is often noticed that the boldness of a single woman is taken as a negative trait of her character, while that of a married woman is appreciated. She has to face unintentional criticism because of the prejudices and biases about a single woman that are still prevalent in society. Even if a woman, especially a single one, reaches a high post in an organization or an institute, subordinates, especially males, hesitate to receive orders or commands from a female boss. Further, males have to be more cautious in front of a woman, which creates restrictions on their freedom to express themselves.

  • Coping with loneliness: It’s not easy to stay single for a woman. A human being is a social animal. A single woman will also like to connect with society to access their services. A woman herself has to make efforts to cope with loneliness. Social isolation can be a big challenge in her day-to-day life. Most people, especially her family members, nearby people, and society, are reluctant to help a single woman and try to cut corners. 

  •  Health issues: A single woman must be more careful about her health, as most people are reluctant to take responsibility for helping a single woman.

  • Safety issues: She must be more conscious of her safety and security. A single individual can be easily attacked, as she gets easily noticed. From a psychological point of view, many people in a group can divert people’s attention from a single person. Groupism gives a sense of security and strength. People are often willing to help each other when responsibility is shared. So the burden is not on a single person. Help in such a situation gives a sense of fulfillment. If a woman prefers to stay single, she can join an organization or a group and provide her services. In return, the organization will also be willing to help her. Such social exchange of services and behavior can maintain her independence and fulfill her social needs too; she will feel more empowered.  

Some examples of single women doing their best: 

  1. Farzana Yaqoob: Chief Executive Officer and founding member of the MANTAQ Center for Research, in Pakistan. 
  2. Condoleeza Rice: The former Secretary of State in the U.S. Department of State, she is an American diplomat and a political scientist. 
  3. Sushmita Sen: She is an Indian Actress, model, and winner of the Miss Universe title in 1994. She has adopted two daughters. She is engaged in social work.
Sonal ShrivastavaLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 8:57am 8AprUTC

Sonal Shrivastava



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