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Your Brain on Brain

Sajjad Ullah KhanLast Seen: Mar 25, 2024 @ 6:35pm 18MarUTC

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“What does neuroscience say about porn?”

 When religion tells us to stay away from pornography or porn, we think it’s nonsense, but if some handsome young, intelligent, neuroscientist and rich doctor from the West tells you that pornography or porn is poison to your brain. No less, then you will believe it, won’t you? Dr. Andrew Huberman is a professor of neuroscience at Stanford University and runs his own laboratory, the Huberman Lab, to conduct various experiments. You can call him the “scientific Bengali sage” of men, he offers pure scientific information and solutions related to male impotence and male hormones, his research on sleep, meditation, hormones, mind is very high. Is. Since these rich people live in Western countries, many of the solutions we can’t afford financially, but some suggestions are free and can be afforded.

Jordon Peterson, a psychologist, and Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist, had an excellent discussion on porn, which is a drug that releases large amounts of dopamine in your brain. What happens to your brain after excreting such a large amount for so long?

 Your mind never crashes…. Then you have lack of motivation, lack of energy, lack of self-confidence, lack of clear thinking, bad relationships and your hormone function is also affected. There is no joke going on here that you watched porn and then everything is normal……..every action in nature has “consequences” (consequences) friends! Which we often get indirectly, and you can’t run away from these results.

 When you stop watching porn after the crash, Dr. Huberman says you go into “pain,” the pain that balances the pleasure fork in your brain. According to Dr. Andrews and Dr. Patterson, the mind of people who watch porn gets used to being a “third party”. ” is designed for watching porn and not for “performance”.

 And the biggest disaster is your physical health and mental health which is very badly affected by porn, your lack of self-confidence in your personality makes you unattractive, your lack of clarity of thought and lack of motivation. It can also cause damage in professional life.

In various religions, you are told to control your sexual desires because the wisdom in religion knows that if it is not controlled, it can lead to addiction and according to science, human The body has a system in place that protects us from over-stimulation. That is, when you perform excessive pleasure movements, the body does not feel much pleasure, but after crossing a certain limit, the body takes all the senses to overwhelm and discomfort. Then you can’t feel pleasure anymore even if you want to… and this is the condition that usually happens to children who go through trauma in addition to watching porn.

 I have no experience with porn because my porn was “food”, my porn videos were eating videos, every person’s addiction is different but dopamine has the same effect on everyone if the pleasure is experienced to excess…

 I have received many such messages in the inbox, in which the number of young boys is high and they all look down on porn as if it is very common or normal. He will not stop taking people’s lives.

 There is no punishment from God for watching porn or eating too much fat and delicious food, no lightning falls on the head… The system of punishment has been fixed in your body and mind, you and None but one’s own body and mind are sufficient to punish. The second arrow is you shoot yourself.

 You can’t hold anyone responsible, capitalists will do what they have to do, you do what you have to do for your own betterment. Porn is common and will become more common and mind-numbing. You can’t stop anyone from making such videos. According to stoicism, you can only change what you have control over, the capitalists. You have no choice.

 “Power and money” is the religion of those who hold it in their hands, you have to save yourself if you want a better life.


 Well I hate to give instant solution to anything but often people request that please suggest a solution.

 * Take complete sannyas…. It will be painful at first as your brain balances pleasure-pain and this is the most difficult stage. I still remember the first day of my intermittent fasting, it was very painful. But if we bear this pain, then our health is good today (life, death, illness are in the hands of Allah, but we have to improve what is in our power).

 * Do meditation.

 * Physical activity is very important.

 * Get rid of all the things that make you want to watch porn, note your triggers and stay away from those triggers for the first few days.

 * Psychotherapy if you can afford it, do it because a psychotherapist can help you a lot in this matter.

 * Eat healthy food.

 * Sleep is very important not only for good health but waking up at night can make you want to watch porn.

 Express boredom by writing, drawing, painting, walking outside, chatting with friends. Boredom also often leads to watching porn. I used to snack when I was bored. He was a victim.

 * Support (support)…. Get support from others, and even those who are not addicted, we are all human and we are all vulnerable, we need each other’s compassion and support. Do not shame each other.

 I hope you will try to improve your life in hell like Pakistan to some extent.

(Translation by Sajjad Ullah from Nida Ishaque)

Sajjad Ullah KhanLast Seen: Mar 25, 2024 @ 6:35pm 18MarUTC

Sajjad Ullah Khan



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