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Actions Depend on Intentions

Sajjad Ullah KhanLast Seen: Mar 25, 2024 @ 6:35pm 18MarUTC

9th March 2024 | 5 Views
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“Actions depend on intentions”

 (Only the deeds are done with the intentions)

 I’m reading a book written for men on how to impress women, (this book is boring to me but must be finished now that it’s started). There is a very powerful message and advice in the first few lessons of the book and that is about “intention”. In the book, the author advises men to think about their “intention” and get to the bottom of it, how women can also sense the “subconscious intention” of men. I too had a deep connection with “intention” a few months ago today. This Hadith of Muhammad (peace be upon him) has a deep impact on my life. The wisdom behind this hadith leads you to your subconscious mind, but the question is how?

 It is said about intention that if we want to achieve any goals, it is necessary to make a strong intention first, or often our actions are the proof of our intention. Does the intention convey? It has to go deeper, I will explain by giving few examples (although it is very difficult to explain).

 If I have to go to an event with friends, I go and seem to enjoy myself, come back and post pictures on social media, (I don’t get the reception I subconsciously thought I would). The effect is on my mood but not in my consciousness) Everything was good but I’m still not happy, all the actions were absolutely right but I’m still not satisfied. If I want to find out the reason for my unhappiness, I need to find out my “intention”, what was the intention behind going out with friends? Spend time with them? Eating good food? Or taking nice photos as a memory? Or getting validation from others on social media for these photos and showing them to people???

This is deep work. Steve Job says that ‘in my opinion, intuition is more powerful than our intellect’, another example of this can be your children, children are not stupid, they feel the intention very well. Suppose you are praising your child to your relatives but deep down your intention is to show others and not to encourage the child, then your child senses this duality very well (the child’s facial expressions, Body language and how hypocritical and just a lion of words you are, while the action is none of yours, you feel it), sometimes you don’t do it knowingly, you don’t know what is the intention behind your actions.

 When I get to the intention behind many of my actions (sometimes I don’t), I am surprised and aware of how unconscious intention affects my daily life and my mood. Everything you do has a deep intention, when the work is not as your “intention” then even if everything is good and perfect on the outside you will not feel satisfied.

 It is not always necessary to have a good intention, we are human beings and it is a sign of being a human being to have a bad intention or to be ambivalent. But by finding deep intention you get to know yourself more deeply, you get to know what kind of person you are and what matters to you and why. It is not necessary to change your intention every time you know it, but it is good to be aware, your deep unconscious intention reflects your personality. Before someone else sniffs your intentions and takes advantage of you (because humans are intuitive), you yourself understand your own intentions and weaknesses, this reduces the damage to some extent and you people/situations. /Be somewhat out of control and influence of emotions.

 This hadith is not just to pass the paper of Islam, but in it surely Muhammad (peace be upon him) is on the rise of wisdom.

 Translation from Nida Ishaque

Sajjad Ullah KhanLast Seen: Mar 25, 2024 @ 6:35pm 18MarUTC

Sajjad Ullah Khan



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