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Unsure What to Do with Your Old Car in Canberra? Junk Car Disposal Companies Have the Answer!

Beyond CarremovalLast Seen: Mar 9, 2024 @ 5:48am 5MarUTC
Beyond Carremoval

9th March 2024 | 14 Views

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Junk Car RemovalWe’ll admit it: getting rid of a dated automobile that’s in its final stages through properly planned procedures can be a huge problem if you’re not sure the right way to go about it, in addition to finding a facility to take your vehicle and navigating every paperwork requirement and rules that can induce anyone to hire an outside party to have the issue disappear.

A professional company of scrap car removal in Canberra helps you out. Outfits such as Beyond Car Removals specialize in taking care of your car from start to finish, meaning you needn’t worry about anything. What exactly is involved in properly recycling and disposing of old cars after they’re taken off your property?

We’re committed to providing the best comfortable and hassle-free disposal of your car for our customers in Canberra and its surrounding areas. Yet we also place tremendous priority on ensuring every vehicle goes through a comprehensive recycling and environmentally-conscious disposal process. We’ll take a peek behind the scenes to show the way we responsibly manage junk car disposal canberra.


Explore Your Responsible Retirement Options

The first step of our process is to thoroughly evaluate the condition and worth of each car that passes through our doors. Our appraisers, who are certified by us, inspect each vehicle to determine if the parts or systems are in good enough condition in order to allow resales to junkyards, retailers, or even rebuilders. More often than not, the cars that come our way are well beyond economic repair and refurbishing. But when viable, we pursue all options to keep as many parts and materials in use as possible before designating a car for full recycling.

For those vehicles with no remaining service life, our dismantling teams then get to work meticulously stripping down every last bolt, nut, wire, and panel. We have specialized fluid drainage equipment and containment systems to safely extract every drop of oil, gas, coolant, and other automotive liquids before disposal per Australian environmental protection regulations.

Hazardous components like lead-acid batteries and air conditioning systems are also carefully isolated and prepped for drop-off to Canberra’s approved hazardous waste handling facilities. We maintain a zero-landfill commitment, so you can rest assured none of these toxic materials ever ends up being improperly discarded.


World-Class Vehicle Shredding and Recycling

With the car fully drained of fluids and any reusable parts or core components safely extracted, the next phase is shredding down the vehicle’s main shell into chunks of compacted scrap metal. Our state-of-the-art vehicle shredding equipment uses massive shearing and crushing force to reduce a whole car to compact shoebox-sized chunks of densely compressed steel, aluminum, and other metals in just minutes.

Beyond Car Removals maintains one of the largest and most capable vehicle shredding and recycling operations in Canberra. Every stage of our industrial recycling system meets the highest global standards for environmental stewardship and emission control. 

Ultra-efficient dust collection and water recycling minimize waste streams, while advanced air scrubbers and filters virtually eliminate particulate and gaseous emissions from the shredding process.

At every step, we also make extensive efforts to meticulously sort the resulting material streams emerging from our primary and secondary shredding equipment. Physics tells us that denser materials like steel and lead tend to sink to the bottom while lighter materials like aluminum and magnesium float to the top. By taking full advantage of these properties, along with strategically deployed magnetic belts, air suction, and other advanced sortation technology, we can consistently achieve metal purity rates of over 99.5% across ferrous and non-ferrous material categories.

This allows us to produce separate, tightly graded commodity streams of different metal types in their purest possible forms to sell back to specialty alloy refiners, mini mills, and other high-grade metal recyclers. These recycled metal streams can then be reintroduced to the manufacturing supply chain as valuable raw ingredients to forge new metal products like food cans, airplane parts, building materials, and more.


Finding New Life for Every Last Material

But the recycling process hardly stops at just recovering metal. Every remaining material stream, starting with those light “fluff” fractions of foam, plastic, rubber, fabric, and glass, gets further subdivided and meticulously sorted by both manual crews and advanced sortation equipment using air jets, screens, magnets, sensors, and good old-fashioned hand-picking.

All rigid plastic fractions are separated into common streams like polypropylene, PET, and PVC for sale to specialized recyclers equipped to handle those materials. Any remaining foam cushioning is carefully extracted and densified into baler bricks to ship to manufacturers able to reintroduce that material into new products or recover it as an energy source.

Even the smallest glass fragments are captured and packaged for responsible recyclers who can reintroduce those cullet feedstocks back into new glass containers. Tires and rubber are the last material streams to be isolated and compacted for a new life as synthetic athletic surfaces, flooring products, or even renewable fuel sources used to generate industrial process heat.

Through our intense dedication and investment into the most advanced recycling technologies, less than 10% of the material that comes through our doors ever ends up as landfill waste. When you choose car disposal Canberra through us, you can sleep soundly knowing over 90% of your old vehicle will get rebirthed into new products and applications.


Why Beyond Car Removals is Your Top Choice for Car Disposal Canberra

Of course, we certainly aren’t the only vehicle disposal and recycling company operating in Canberra. So why should you choose us versus other players in town? Here are a few key reasons:

  1. Our free car removal service with cash payment helps you get rid of your old car easily.

  2. Each step in our procedure, from dismantling to shredding, to sortation, is adhered to the most stringent environmental guidelines and environmentally friendly practices in Australia.

  3. Our sophisticated technology for recycling and our capabilities enable us to recycle and redistribute over 90% of the car’s components into new production streams.

  4. We eliminate the intermediaries and collaborate directly with the vast collection of aluminum smelters, recyclers, and specialty mills to maximize the value of scrap metal.

  5. With years of expertise and strong connections to the community, We’re the most reliable brand in Canberra for environmentally sustainable disposal of cars.

But don’t just take our word for it – our long track record and reams of overflowing online reviews speak volumes about the peace of mind and satisfaction we deliver. From the first call to the final recycling, you can expect a premium, hassle-free junk car disposal experience every single time.


Get Cash for Cars and Eco-Friendly Disposal with Beyond Car Removals

If you’ve got an old, derelict vehicle collecting dust and taking up space, why not free up that prime real estate while earning some spare cash at the same time? With one simple call to us, you can hand off all the hard work and responsibility of proper junk car disposal to the experts.

We’ll come out to your location in Canberra or anywhere in the surrounding region to haul away your unwanted vehicle free of charge. Our friendly towing team will transfer ownership right then and there, getting that eyesore out of your way in no time. You’ll walk away with cash on the spot, with no lowball offers or payment waiting games.

From there, you can rest easy knowing your old junker will meet its demise in the absolute greenest manner possible. From complete fluid removal and hazardous waste isolation to advanced sortation and recycling of every last bolt, fabric scrap, and plastic component, we’ll ensure over 90% of your vehicle gets responsibly rebirthed rather than wasted.

While other junkyards and sketchy operators might greenwash their practices, at Beyond Car Removals, sustainability, and environmental stewardship are ingrained into our DNA. We’re car recycling specialists willing to go the extra mile and invest in industry-leading infrastructure to handle junk car disposal the right way, protecting Australia’s precious natural environment for many generations to come.

Ready to load off that junker once and for all while doing your part for the planet? Give the expert team at Beyond Car Removals a call today or visit us online to get your instant cash for cars quote. We’ll have that old eyesore off your hands and on its way to a new life faster than you can imagine!

Beyond CarremovalLast Seen: Mar 9, 2024 @ 5:48am 5MarUTC

Beyond Carremoval



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