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Top 5 E-commerce Recruitment Agencies in London

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Adam Taylor

9th March 2024 | 6 Views

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Recruitment agencies are the most vital part of the company because they operate recruitment procedures. It includes filling the open positions in the company with qualified and talented candidates. It performs and hires top-talented leaders and managers for a company. It identifies, screens, and interviews candidates for the company to fill the vacant positions immediately. Now the question arises which agency is better for your company? 

Here are the details of the recruitment agencies which are highly efficient in the e-commerce industry. These are:

  1. Wundertalent

Wundertalent works with many top-notch companies such as PWC, Clue Points, Starbucks, Persistent, and many more. It enhances the talent of the candidates and highlights their skills as well.

  • Multiple applications: It enables a candidate to apply for all the positions which they are capable of doing. It also works in favor of the companies by providing the top talented candidates.

  • Flexibility: It is very flexible as it allows the candidates to work based on their preferences. It enables a candidate to choose whether the candidate wants to work from home, a hybrid model, or an on-site job.

  • Fast recruitment: It fills the open positions of the company very efficiently and immediately with talented candidates. Candidates also prefer to utilize Wundertalent for sending their job applications.

  • Contact details: The location of the agency is 101 Commercial Road, London, E1 1RD, and the contact number is 020 70623389.


  1. ECOM Recruitment

ECOM Recruitment is an integral part of the renowned InterQuest Group, and it sustains specialization in providing talent, staffing, and executive searches. It delivers its recruitment services to the e-commerce industries and sustains high experiences in E-commerce recruitment.

  • Analyzing your career track: A candidate holds his career and applies for a suitable job role through a recruitment agency. Hence, ECOM supports the candidates by analyzing candidates’ aspirations to go from an executive role to a Director position in the company. It holds all the options available to perfect candidates, who are hardworking and motivated.

  • Responsible approach: Working in a company means you will have more responsibility, and you have to deal with every challenging situation with maturity. However, in a company, you will receive support from your senior authority. It understands that everyone has a different perspective to handle a situation, hence, it has a responsible and unique feature.

  • Contact details: The location of the agency is 27 Bush Lane, London EC4R 0AN, and the contact number is 020 7258 2350.


  1. Red Global

Red Global works as an SAP resourcing specialist agency that corporates with excellent talent.

  • Aims high: It aims to provide the best and most talented candidates and experts to the companies that are engaged in the e-commerce industry.

  • Talent solutions: Apart from recruitment agency; it also consults, gives advice, and solves recruitment-based problems as well. It focuses on providing the best solutions and filling the open role as soon as possible. It offers services related to contract-based hiring, executive, management, project advisory, and many more.

  • Contact details: The location of the company is 33 Gracechurch Street, London EC3V 0BT, and the contact number is 020 7107 7600.


  1. Craneberry Panda

Craneberry Panda has achieved many awards in E-commerce recruitment services.

  • Dynamic vacancies: It fills positions related to digital marketing, web analytics, and the e-commerce industry.

  • Several opportunities: It holds several opportunities based on contract and permanent job roles in a company.

  • Contact details: The location of the company is Paddington Works, 8 Hermitage Street, London W2 1BE, and the contact number is 020 3587 7971.

5. Recruiterspot

It works on behalf of more than 85 leading agencies that deal with E-commerce industries in London.

  • Easy to approach: It provides a platform where anyone can sign in and get the hiring solution immediately. It suggests many experts who solve recruitment problems in the e-commerce industry.

  • Find your opportunity: Apart from services, it is significant for you to explore the other services as well and find the best opportunity that aligns with your capabilities. All the best with your E-commerce job hunting!

In conclusion, there are many Saas recruitment software, but Wundertalent is unique in the recruitment industry. It helps the company and candidates to find suitable and potential matches easily. Many top companies prefer to use Wundetalent. 

Adam TaylorLast Seen: Mar 26, 2024 @ 10:33am 10MarUTC

Adam Taylor



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