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Celebrating Women’s unique identity during the International Women’s day. Did you that there are unique facts and interesting statistics about women that you did not know…..

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Milyin » 578275 » Celebrating Women’s unique identity during the International Women’s day. Did you that there are unique facts and interesting statistics about women that you did not know…..

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International Womens Day 202202031138What are the facts about women that I could not know‽

Women are fabulous creatures in the world. They bring up their children with love and care to be the best versions of themselves. Women are just unique creatures. You will be astonished by the following factors that make them distinct.

They include:

Women have a higher endurance ability.

Remember that women face labor pains during parturition. This is an indication that they can be able to endure more pain than men. They have slow-twitch muscle fibers that help them endure the physical pains and difficulties.

A feminine brain is more detailed than a male’s brain.

It is evident that women have higher language skills and can comprehend many vocabularies. This makes them speak more than 10,000 words in a day. They are also able to multitask activities which is very difficult for a man to handle more than one task at the same time.

Women have a better memory.                                                                                                                           

They can remember things easily since they have great interactions with stories as they connect with variety of words and recognize the patterns.

Women senses are more attuned.

Women have sensitive senses that helps them stand out at different daily activities. They have a higher ability to recognize different colors unlike men who are always said to be colorblind. They have also a higher hearing ability. They can understand speeches. Do not that forget they usually sense any movement at night when they are asleep compared to men who are barely able to recognize any movement when they are sleeping.

What are the interesting statistics about women‽

  • v  A woman speaks more that 10,000 words in a day.
  • v  Women spend approximately a year making decisions on what attires they should wear.
  • v  A woman living near the equator is likely to deliver a baby girl compared to a baby boy.
  • v  A woman can keep a secret for 471/4 hours.
  • v  A woman eats 1.8 kilograms of lipstick in her lifespan.
  • v  A Girl’s brain matures 2 years before that of a boy.
  • v  Women living in the United States earn more than 50% of the university degrees.
  • v  Women often see more than 20% colors than males.
  • v  Women have a thicker cerebral cortex making them more rational than men.

 Women have a great impact to our communities since they are the backbone, they ensure continuity of generations and their resilience in the society. Since they contributions are immeasurable, we celebrate their unique qualities and appreciate their efforts to the different communities on the International Women’s Day.


What is International Women’s Day‽

It is a universal annual celebration which recognizes the women’s rights and their achievements. It is usually celebrated on 8th March.

It originated from Europe and North America at the early 20th century.

The first celebration of Women’s Day was held on 28th February 1909. It was held in New York City.

Why is it celebrated on 8th March annually‽

Well, in the past the International Women’s Day was just a community holiday until it blew up in 1967 due to the second wave of Feminists.

In 1975, The United Nations started celebrating the Women’s Day. Then in 1977, The United Nations General assembly requested the member states to proclaim 8th March as the official date to be celebrating the International Women’s Day.

Why was the website created‽

In the year 2001, the website; was created. This is where the yearly themes were posted and shared.

Here are some of the yearly themes shared on International Women’s Day since 2010. They include:

2010-Progress for all.

2011-Pathway to decent Work for women

2012-Empower Rural women, end poverty and hunger.

2013- A promise is a promise.

2014-Equality for women is progress for all.

2015-Empowering women, Empowering Humanity: Picture it.

2016-Step it up for gender equality.

2017-Women in the changing world of work.

2018- The time is now.

2019- Think equal, build smart, innovative for change.

2020- I am Generation Equality.

2021- Women in leadership.

2022- Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.

2023- Digit All “Technology innovation for gender equality.”

Also “Together we can” which was used for women’s health.

2024- Inspire Inclusion.

International Women’s Day 2024.

Happy Iwd2024 Inspireinclusion

Since the theme is Inspire Inclusion, everyone can take part in inspiring women that are in our community.

Gloria Steinem once said, “The story of women’s challenges and struggles for equality belongs to neither a feminist nor an organization but to the collective efforts of everyone who cherishes and cares about human rights.”

How can I take part in the Inspire inclusion‽

It takes an individual effort to inspire any feminine around. This is possible since the person values the rights of every girl or woman in the society. This is through creating awareness to the community by sharing knowledge of the various factors that may violate Female rights such as:

  • ·         Domestic violence.
  • ·         Abuse.
  • ·         Sexual assaults.

How can an organization take part in “Inspire Inclusion‽”

Well, there are various actions which can be taken by organization(s) to make the Inspire Inclusion a success. This is through implementing the following:

  • ·         Helping women, girls, and ladies to make informed decisions about their health life.
  • ·         Nurturing Women’s talents in different dimensions.
  • ·         Supporting Women’s economic growth.
  • ·         Offering sponsorships to women and girls to acquire further quality education.
  • ·         Involving women in decision making in the organization.
  • ·         Appreciating the women’s achievements in the sports arena.
  • ·         Offering counselling when they need help and support.
  • ·         Involving women in leadership roles in the organization.
  • ·         Supporting them in agricultural activities to yield productive produce.
  • ·         Providing a quality working environment for them to be more productive.
  • ·         Offering occasional working breaks to allow them regain energy to work more effectively.
  • ·         Supporting their growth and development ideas.


Let’s Celebrate and appreciate these unique creatures in our societies.

Happy International Women’s Day to every woman in the World!!!


















timothy mainaLast Seen: Mar 11, 2024 @ 6:09pm 18MarUTC

timothy maina



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