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Love poem

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As I sit and ponder,

 On the beauty of life,

I am filled with wonder,

 At the wonders of love,

For it is in love,

 That I find my true home,

 It is where I am free,

 To be myself,

 fully and whole.

And as I think of you,

 My love and my light,

I am filled with gratitude,

For the love we share,

day and night.

For you are the one,

Who makes my heart sing,

You are the reason,

 For everything.

Your love is a treasure,

 That I hold dear, It is the one thing,

So here is a love poem,

From me to you,

To tell you how much you mean to me,

 And all that we’ve been through.

Your beauty,

 it captivates me,

Your soul,

it fills me with peace,

 I am grateful for every moment,

We share and will never cease.

Your touch,

it is electric,

 Your kisses,

they set me ablaze,

I am yours and you are mine,

 Together, we will spend our days.

I am grateful for your love,

 It is a gift, pure and true,

 It lifts me up and carries me,

 To heights that I never knew.

So here I stand, my love,

 My heart open wide, I am yours,

 forever and always,

By your side.

So let us embrace this love,

And let it grow and thrive, F

or you are my everything,

 And I will love you for all of time.

I am drawn to you,

Like a moth to a flame,

I am entranced by you,

And the love that we claim.

Your presence is a blessing,

Your love, it fills my cup,

I am grateful for every moment,

 That I get to spend with you, wrapped up.

For you are my rock,

My support and my guide,

You are the one I turn to,

When I need somewhere to hide.

You are my shelter,

From the storms of this world,

You are the one I run to,

When I need to be unfurled.

So here I stand,

 my love, My heart open and true,

 I am yours, forever and always,

 In love with you.

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