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Chapter 6 ‘ UNACCEPTABLE ‘

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We are at the university’s canteen, we have just had one class but I and Haneul are feeling hungry so we have come to eat here. We were eating peacefully when four girls came there, one was in front and three were behind her. The girl in front said proudly.

” You’re the one who entertained the whole class yesterday, aren’t you? “

” Yes Soomin, she is that girl. Hmmm maybe Haneul. yah her name is Haneul.” A girl said who was behind the Soomin. We ignore them like they not exist.

” No, babe she is crackhead.” Soomin said with vulgar smile on her face, before she could say anything else, I held her hair with my hands and tug her head to my plate.

” You are very weak girl, Next time, if you say anything about my friend with your fucking mouth, remember that there is no one worse than me. I’ll never think before kicking off your fucking ass.” I said while lifting her head from the plate. Haneul was still eating peacefully because she knew that there’s nothing to worry about when I’m here. Soomin was trying hard to get her hair out of my grip but she couldn’t, it is not so easy to get out of my grip. 

” Help me idiots, what are you doing there?” Screaming in pain, Soomin asked the girls who were standing four steps away from us due to fear. Hearing this from her, a girl showed courage and came running towards me with a punch. Before her punch could touch my beautiful face, someone grabs her hand and twists it very badly. Of course it was Haneul who did it. She mercilessly threw that girl away, no soon that girl touched the ground. 

” If you ever tried to touch Eun with you fucking hand, I never let you live your life peacefully. Got it?!” Haneul yelled. 

Haneul gets very angry at them and I know very well that her anger is more dangerous than mine, so I let Soomin go and held Haneul’s figure to make her calm down but she didn’t. She removed my hand and picked up the plate to throw that plate on Soomin when I tried to stop her by holding her hand, she pushed me due to which my head hit the corner of the table and my head started bleeding.

” Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” due to pain I screamed, I touched my head with my fingers to see, was my head bleeding or not but it was. Blood was coming out of my head. Well, I am very brave but I felt scared whenever I saw blood. I started screaming out of fear or this time too I started screaming, I don’t know why this is happening to me but I have no control over it. I pressed my right hand on my head to stop the blood coming out of my head and continued screaming because of fear. 

Haneul threw that plate away and turned towards me, she were trying to remove my hand on head to see my wound but she failed. 

” Eun please let me see, it’s bleeding or not ” She request me to remove my hand. 

” It’s bleeding Haneul it’s bleeding!! ” I uttered without removing my hand. 

” Ok, now let me– ” She couldn’t even completed her sentence as I said.

” No Haneul I am Gonna die here, it’s already bleeding aaaahhhhhh.” I said while trying to control my emotions. 

” Nothing will happen to you, let’s go to the doctor now.” She said and grabbed my arms and dragged me with her.



I took Eun with me here unfortunately Prof. Kim was also here with a guy, I really don’t know who was he just wanna say he looks more attractive than Prof. Kim. In black jeans, black t-shirt with black leather jacket, black cap and black mask. head to toe he was wearing black outfit, he was looking more elegant and gorgeous. he’s muscular body was visible and he had big eyes. And gosh I must say, he has the body of a Greek God.

” Ufffffffffffffffffffff Haneul, stop admiring him and focus on Eun.” in my mind. 

Eun is already unconscious because of fear. When Prof. Kim’s eyes fall on us he immediately run towards us and ask. 

” What happened to her?, why is she unconscious? ” He asked.

Before I say something that guy came and picked her up in bridal style in his arms and went towards the patient’s bed. He laid her down gently on the bed and started treating her. First he cleaned her blood that had now spread from her forehead to her cheeks. Then he applied ointment on her forehead. He was doing all this as he was an expert in it. He was still doing his work when I heard a serious voice from beside me.

” How all of this happened?! ” Prof. Kim asked. 

Then I told him how all this happened and as always he started yelling at me. 

” Really Haneul!! do you have any sense or not?! First you fought with Soomin and then you injured your own friend.” He yelling at me but suddenly cut off by that handsome guy. 

” Stop it man, you already shouted so much at this lovely girl.” that guy turned himself towards us and said while removing the mask on his face then again he turned towards Eun and continued his work when Prof. Kim said.

” Shut up Kwan, you don’t know about this girl.” He cut off by Eun.

” I REALLY LOVE YOU MR.PERFECT.” She said in a state of unconsciousness, her eyes were still closed then she caught Kwan by his collar and kissed him.

” What the hell?!! ” I screamed.

Prof. Kim tried to close my eyes by his hand but I removed it and said. 

” Let me see, why Eun is kissing to Kwan? ” I asked while my eyes were still stuck on Eun and Kwan. Eun was kissing Kwan and then she fainted again. 

At that time, three people in this room were in complete shock, one was me, one was Prof. Kim and one were Kwan. 

” Eun, what did you do just now? ” I yelled at her but it doesn’t matter because she was unconscious.

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