Missent – Chapter 1

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Disclaimer from Creator: This is just a fanfiction. Jisoo from Blackpink and V from BTS are my models for a better persona for the characters. Those two are my muses and have nothing to do with their real life or business.

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1.  [Hi.]

“Jennie, I think they gave me your test results.” Jisoo said as she struggle to catch up with Jennie at the busy hallways.

Jennie instantly blushed with a smile, “is it the history paper?..”

Jisoo just smiled in return.

“I did horrible on that one..” Jennie said as she took the paper.

Jennie really did flunk on that test.. and then some more on the other subjects, but Jisoo could only give her a smile.

Jisoo and Jennie are classmates in most of their subjects. This is the 4th time their papers got exchanged.

They both have long black hair, they are almost the same height, both family’s name is Kim, and names that start with the letter J, that the teachers cant seem to tell them apart inspite of having polar traits.

Jennie is one of the popular people at school. She loves hanging around other people and has a very welcoming charm. You can always see her beaming with her beautiful smile and she is very lovable.

Jisoo on the other hand is reserved and only hang out with a few people. But even if she’s the quiet type, people are drawn to her natural beauty. She is gentle and has a calming mood, her eyes are always warm and kind.

“Ahhh!!” Jennie shrieked at the red marks that floods her paper.

“Hey, maybe you’ll do better on the next one.” Jisoo said with an encouraging smile.

Jennie just hugged her. “Bless your heart Jisoo, we all know that will never happen.”

“Anyways, I hope next time I’ll have a decent grade, just so its not too embarrassing when you see it.” Jennie said not really minding her paper.

Jennie giggled and say thanks before heading somewhere and Jisoo wave goodbye to her.

If not for the teachers mixing their papers, the two have nothing to talk about.

“Ahh.. I forgot to ask her my exam papers..” Jisoo slaps her head lightly at the realization.


“I’m telling you, Jennie Kim is one of the hottest in our school right now, go ask her.” Jimin said.

Taehyung was deep in thoughts. Jennie is somewhat a friend. They are all Sophomores, and have known each other because of mutual friends.

“I’m not that comfortable to ask her about that Jimin. Just let it go.” Taehyung said.

“Just try..” Jimin said. “Come on man. Our next game is at the end of month. There is a big chance that witch will show up and ruin your mood.”

Taehyung sigh.

His ex, Sana, the witch that Jimin called, will absolutely go watch their game for sure.

Taehyung and Jimin are both in the basketball team. Although they seem to have girls on their side all the time, Taehyung had always been faithful to Sana, who goes to another school.

He was smitten by her pretty face and innocent personality.

Turns out she was only using him to catch her school’s basketball team captain.

He feels crappy and his teamates are dying to have him date a much hotter girl for revenge.

“Kim Taehyung, you can point your finger at any girl in the school and they’d be happy to go out with you.” Jimin said, “so get to work and show that witch who she messed with.”

Taehyung just shrugged.

He’s just sad that Sana did that, and his ego was bruised.


“Oh hello!” Jennie greeted the two after seeing Jimin and Taehyung at the Teacher’s Office.

“Oh hey!!!” Jimin said happily. “Arent we lucky to see you here Ms. Kim.”

Jennie giggled as Taehyung just sigh knowing Jimin is just happy because of his stupid plan he wanted Taehyung to do.

“You guys going to Seulgi’s party later?” She asked.

“Yes, of course we are.” Jimin said with a wide smile. “What are you doing here?”

“Just dropping some test papers Mr. Park asked.” Jennie said. “And you guys?”

“Waiting for coach.” Jimin replied signaling at Taehyung to engage in the conversation.

“You ok Tae?” Jennie asked looking weirdly at Jimin.

“Oh yeah.. I was just.. tired.” He said with a forced smile. He wanted to smack Jimin’s head for being stupid.

Jennie smiled back and put the papers on Mr. Park’s table. “Ok, guess I’ll see you guys later.”

Jimin looked over to see what Jennie left when she stepped out of the office, “oh hey Tae, Jennie’s smart!”

Taehyung really have no interest on other people’s business but he humor his friend.

“That’s almost like my results.” Taehyung bragged looking at the As in the paper.

“What are you two doing?” Coach Song asked as the two just gave sounds as a response. “Get the materials and lets continue with the training.”

“Yes sir!” The two almost shouted comically.

Mr. Park, the other teacher walks in as well and went to see his table looking weirdly at Jimin.

Jimin hastily wrote something on his palm and while walking back to the gym, he asked for Taehyung’s phone.

“Here, I saved Jennie’s number.” Jimin said proudly handing his phone back.

“What?” Taehyung asked as Jennie Kim was saved on his phone.

“At Mr. Park’s desk, I saw the student’s listing and I took her number, so you could finally ask her for a date.” Jimin said with a wide smile.

“I think your being too involve in this Jimin.” He said laughing.


Jisoo was about to reach the Teacher’s office when she saw the two members of the basketball team exiting.

One is Jimin and the other is Taehyung. They were bantering happily, and maybe heading to the gym.

Those two seems like happy people but she mostly have a good impression on Taehyung when she saw him petting a cat one time.

Though the rumor is that their school’s varsity team are full of playboys. Taehyung being the top player with the most girls, but it has nothing to do with her.

Also, those guys might not remember her, but back on their freshmen year, they helped her carry the food at their volunteer project.

Though they did call her “dude” so maybe they thought of her as a man since she had a baseball cap on and a loose jacket and they hardly look at her.

She went inside the office to finally get her test results that got mixed with Jennie’s.

“Oh you are Jisoo right?” Mr. Park asked.

“Yes sir.” She said with a smile as the teacher seem to recheck his records.

“Good thing Jennie was still in campus and she was able to bring your test papers here earlier. Though I didnt see her..” Mr. Park said. “So, other than handing your papers to the wrong person, all your test records are right.”

“Oh, thank you sir, then I’ll be going now.” Jisoo said finally seeing that she did well in their exams.

“Now let me just text Jennie and tell her that she needs to give an extra effort for her grades.. its on a slight alarming range already” the older teacher said adjusting his glasses and skimming the list he had on his table.

Before Jisoo was able to step out, she received Mr. Park’s text. She returned to correct the list, but it turned out he just inputs the wrong number since their names are also slightly similar.

She just laughed a bit and finally excused herself.


Taehyung was scaning his IG as he grits his teeth seeing Sana’s posts.

She was lovey-dovey in the photos and seems to be having the best time of her life.

“Jimin, I’m going home.” He said as he gulped his drink. They are at Seulgi’s party but he didnt feel like partying.

“You alright?” Jimin asked.

“Yeah..” he said.

He didnt wait for him and head straight to his car. He drive around giving himself sometime to think then went home.

He took a bath and before he went to bed he has finally made his mind.

Taehyung took his phone and said, “I’ll go ask Jennie out.”

He should be happy too.


Jisoo was playing a game on her phone when she got a text message. It made her phone lagged and cause her character to die.

She sadly looked at the game over screen without moving, and after a while, she finally decides to see who the devil will text her in the middle of the night.

It was an unknown number with a message: [hi]

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