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Rishika Gupta

Every time when i sleep late night 🌃😴

I dream of you, i think of you 🥰

Every voice i hear that night 🔊

I feel to hug you soo soo tight.. 🤗🤗

I feel your breath, 😍

I feel you’re close,🤗

I feel your hands,🤝

I feel you’re mine 💕

I see our honeymoon, in that night 🏔️

I see our babies walk our side, 🐣

The more i see you,👁️

The more i kiss, 😘

The more i kiss you, 💋

The more i stick 😍…

I wish this dream of beautifulll night, 🌌

Become a reality with you my bride,👰

I will be a groom and marry you my life,🤵

Then will complete these dream with my wife …😘 💒

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