The Cozy Revolution: Join the Movement for Sustainable & Affordable Home Heating

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Sustainable and affordable home heating is what every UK resident dreams of. When it gets cold, people make sure their homes stay warm and comfortable. Sustainable means doing things in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Affordable, on the other hand, means spending less money on heating. So, are you looking for sustainable and affordable home heating? Do you want to save the environment and money on your heating costs? Click here for an amazing guide.

Why sustainable and affordable energy matters

Now, there are several sources of energy that you can use to heat your home without harming the planet. Moreover, you can save money on fuel costs. For instance, you might use renewable energy sources like the sun, wind, or even some plants. These sources are like super-friendly helpers because they don’t produce a lot of pollution. Secondly, they keep on giving us energy without running out.

Now, some heating systems are better at using energy wisely. For example, there are modern heaters that are very good at turning energy into heat without wasting too much of it. Similarly, you can use less energy by turning off lights and electronics when you’re not using them. It’s like not leaving the tap running when you’re not using water. 

Air-source heat pumps

Firstly, heat pumps provide three times more warmth than the amount of electricity they use. Secondly, heat pumps are also good for the planet. When you use them, you’re making the air cleaner because they don’t cause lots of pollution. On top of that, there are different types of heat pumps. Some get their power from the air around your house. Others get it from the ground underneath. Moreover, some others obtain it from water. In simpler terms, they can operate on wind, water and underneath-ground energy. 

When you first get a heat pump, it might require some space in your home. No doubt, it is a one-time investment, it will pay you back for a long time. The benefits of the heat pump will make you forget about your boiler.

Air Sorce Heat Pump

Ground source heat pump

A ground source heat pump gets energy source from the sun hidden underground. For this purpose, it uses pipes buried in the ground. Basically, the ground source heat pump grabs heat from the sun that’s stored in the earth. What’s more, the best part of this pump is that it doesn’t use any fossil fuels. But it doesn’t pollute the air dirty.

Now, if you want to install an air-source heat pump in your home, it might cost you between £20,000 to £40,000, depending on whether the pipes go horizontally or vertically underground. But here’s the good news: free boiler grants can help you pay for heat pump installation. 

Cost of air-source heat pump 

  • How big the heat pump is.

  • How big your home is.

  • Whether your home is new or old.

If you need to change how the heat goes around your home.

Usually, it costs around £14,000. Moreover, you can get a good deal if you do market research. But instead of buying a heat pump, you can get help from free boiler grants. So if you qualify, you can get around a hundred per cent free air-source heat pump without paying a penny. 

Air source heat pump grants

Air-source heat pumps are increasingly becoming popular across the UK. Plus, the government is on the agenda of promoting them because of their greener technology and efficiency. They’re more efficient than gas boilers. So if you’re thinking about joining the cosy revolution and becoming part of the movement for sustainable & affordable home heating, the UK government has got you covered. Under the eco4 scheme, you can get free air-source heat pump grants to install an air-source heat pump at home.  The core purpose of the eco4 scheme is to help low-income families to upgrade their homes. The application process for the eco funding is straightforward. But again, before applying, you must consider if the air-source heat pump is the right choice for your home.


Sustainable and affordable home heating is in your hands. You need to make changes in your heating habits. Try more energy-efficient ways like heat pumps, solar panels, and condensing boilers. These will save you money on your heating costs. Plus you’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint. What’s more, you can save energy.

James KennedyLast Seen: Mar 25, 2024 @ 9:20am 9MarUTC

James Kennedy



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