Can Data Science Certifications Help Build A Career In Big Data


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The world of data science is evolving with every passing day. With the greatest thrust being levied on the quality of data being sifted; it has become inevitable to place highly qualified big data professionals in action to fight the data volume. With each passing year, enormous data get added to the pool. This year it is predicted to close at 147 zettabytes of data volume, and 163 zettabytes by 2025 ( It is imperative to understand the clear difference between data science and big data and how these impact the future of the data science industry.



Simply put; Data Science is the in-depth data study for the extraction of meaningful insights that lead to business expansion. It is a multi-disciplinary approach to handle data volume to make sense of it for the stakeholders.

Big data; as the name suggests; is the data that is so large, fast, or complex that it becomes difficult or impossible to process using traditional methods to resolve it.

 On one hand, data science is the technique of handling whopping data volume; but big data is the humungous data volume that becomes insurmountable to process. Understanding this difference makes it easier for you to comprehend data for business growth in the long run. Big data professionals are specialized personnel deploying strategic tactics to assess data in a stipulated time.

Big Data Industry Projections:

Fortune Business Insights is promising a global market size for big data analytics to close at USD 348.21 billion this year. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13% through 2032; reaching the mark of USD 924.39 billion. Isn’t that a whopping score to imagine for a thriving data stream?

With such accelerated growth expectations in the future; it is recommended to gain skill strength in core competencies of big data and empower yourself to become an indispensable big data professional.

Top Skills Required to Enter the Big Data Industry:

·        Skilled at navigating through data-driven landscape

·        Problem-solving

·        Programming languages

·        Competence in Data structures

·        SQL/ NoSQL databases understanding

·        Data warehousing

·        Large data sets analysis

·        Data mining

·        Mathematical and statistical competence

·        Database management systems

·        Distributed Frameworks

·        Cloud computing

·        Data interpretation

·        Data visualization

·        Data processing techniques

·        Machine Learning

·        Collaboration

·        Competence in Open-source frameworks

·        Adaptability

·        Model building with solutions

·        Critical thinking

·        Deploying Big Data on the Cloud

·        Decision-making

Quick Pathway to the Big Data Career:

1.      Master the core concepts of data analytics and Big Data Foundation

2.      Get Certified in Big Data and Cloud competency from USDSI®, Harvard, MIT, etc

3.      Work on end-to-end, hands-on, and real-world Big Data projects

4.      Big Data Internships such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, etc

5.      Research, Learn, and Build Innovative Projects

6.      Stay abreast of the latest in the Big Data industry with a lifelong learner’s attitude

Why Build a Big Data Career?

Companies are desperately hiring big data professionals and data engineers who can make sense of the wide array of data the business collates over time. If you are looking for a thriving career path that stands long term; the big data industry is the one for you. The world’s most trusted data science certifications are in high demand by global industry recruiters.

The salary that one can expect with the right credentials and big data professional certifications gracing your portfolio could touch USD 157,162 annually (Glassdoor). A handsome remuneration could just be the beginning of a successful career that offers astounding perks, to begin with.

Perks of Earning Data Science Certifications:

Let us look at the reasons that could be inviting enough to draw you into this flourishing industry with the best data science certifications on display.

1.      Earning the most-suited and in-demand skillset

Specialized certifications in data science allow you access to quality skill sets that enrich your knowledge and serve best per the industry standards and technologies needed. Today, the data science talent gap is expanding at a staggering rate. Nearly 77% of data professionals in North America; specifically, Canada believe that the shortage of tech talent will continue to deepen throughout 2024 (Forbes).

2.      Shorter duration

These credible certifications offer top-rated skills enhancement in a shorter period; as compared to international universities. This saves a lot of time and allows an aspirant to continue learning newer skills from the comfort of their home via virtual learning mode.

3.      Salary progression

Some quality and top big data certification programs offered by USDSI® allow massive opportunities for the entrant to earn a minimum of 40% surge in the salary structure.

4.      Cross-industry applicability

Data science certifications are one-size-fits-all as it is a diversified and interdisciplinary field of work. The skillsets earned at these certifications are widely applicable to related disciplines as well.

5.      Real-world knowledge

These certificates are designed to provide you access to the real-world use cases and knowledge that will help you in landing your dream data science job role without hassle.

6.      Career advancement prospects

With a higher set of skills on display; you stand a better chance at gaining that next promotion in line; or your dream data science job that demands exceptional data science skills.

7.      Quick pick in front of the industry giants

These credentials offer you the lifelong credibility that comes with the digital badges; validating your competence. Recruiters value aspirants who are duly certified with trusted certifications that are loaded with top skills with USDSI® topping the list of providers.

It is time to make a lasting impact in your next interview with the best data science certifications on display; among other essentialities. Make an informed decision now to enter the big data industry with a massive bang!

Divyanshi KulkarniLast Seen: Mar 15, 2024 @ 3:31pm 15MarUTC

Divyanshi Kulkarni



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