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Dawn of new devil

Devil: thou shalt believe “HIM”.

For he is the giver.

Angel: weak believe. Strong know.

You bow for years,

Wither did thou giver go?

Devil: thou shalt bow everyday.

For “HE” sees all, “HE” hears all.

Angel: must “HE” be maiden of some sort?

Sees everything, doesn’t want to be seen.

Hears everything, doesn’t want to speak.

Angel: Stop the facade and follow the “MARK”.

Questioning will lead you to the start.

Devil: frightening child must be your “MARK”.

forever hidden and forever on the run.

Just as all your questions lead to none.

Angel: Do you not realise what task are you bound?

Serenity and utility are products of the “MARK”.

Devil: Fool I was, believing “HIM” for years.

Joyless scrutiny, and follow “IT” for eternity.

“IT” sees, “IT” hears, the giver is the “MARK”.

The devil yeilded in the end, But 

Where being rational is the norm

Devil has merely change its form

This is not “HIS” demise or peril,

This is the Dawn of new devil.

Shyam JoshiLast Seen: Mar 12, 2023 @ 12:48pm 12MarUTC

Shyam Joshi


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