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My Book Review — The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Justine S.Last Seen: Mar 21, 2024 @ 4:33pm 16MarUTC
Justine S.

6th March 2024 | 3 Views

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This book got a lot of people talking about it and became really popular. I was super curious, so I decided to check it out.


Olive Smith is a third-year student working on her doctorate. She doesn’t think relationships last long, but her friend Anh does. That’s why Olive is in a tricky situation. To show Anh she’s happy in love, Olive can’t just tell a simple lie; she needs proof. Like any good scientist, Olive panics and kisses the first guy she sees. Turns out, that guy is Adam Carlsen, a young and cool professor at Stanford. Against all expectations, Adam agrees to act as her boyfriend. What’s even more surprising? He’s perfect in every way. Suddenly, their experiment is on the verge of exploding, and Olive realizes testing love hypotheses can be risky when it’s your own heart being examined…

My opinion

Wow, what a fun read! I like reading romances now and then, and I usually don’t expect much, just some fun. Romances that really grab my attention are rare, and “The Love Hypothesis” is one of them. I totally loved reading it for many reasons. First off, this book is super addictive; you won’t want to put it down. It’s amazing, especially when you’re in a busy time and don’t have much time to read.

Also, the story is really cool. It’s different because it’s set in a university and has this idea of a fake love story. The characters are awesome, likable, and touching. The author makes the book funny and exciting without being inappropriate, which is great. It takes a while before anything a bit romantic happens, so it’s not the main focus.

It’s been a while since a romance got me so hooked. This book was like a little treat to enjoy. I’d recommend it to anyone, even if you’re not a big reader. It’s one of those books that captivate anyone, whether you read a lot or not. Ali Hazelwood is really talented at making entertaining and smart stories. I’m excited to read more from her and glad her work is available here. Missing out on this would be a shame!

In summary

An awesome romance, something we don’t read enough of. A real treat of fun, smarts, and originality!

My rating: ★★★★★★ (18/20)

Justine S.Last Seen: Mar 21, 2024 @ 4:33pm 16MarUTC

Justine S.



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