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Everyday Work Bag Essentials

Sonal ShrivastavaLast Seen: Apr 21, 2024 @ 4:00am 4AprUTC
Sonal Shrivastava

16th March 2024 | 5 Views

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Work Bag Essentials

Primary Essentials

Working professionals must not forget the following things before leaving for their workplace, to maintain their routine work smoothly. These essentials will give you a good start in your workplace or office environment and a nice experience. This will improve your daily routine, boost your confidence, and make you alert, systematic, and organized. Let’s know them:

  1. Cellphone (fully charged) and portable charger 📱
  2. Handbag/office bag/laptop bag 💼
  3. Handkerchief 
  4. I card/business card
  5.  A wallet with cash and change💵
  6. A pen 🖋️ (blue/black) and a Small Diary/Notepad; maintain all your passwords and important notes even if you save them on your cellphone.
  7. A file, documents in folder 📂, Pendrive  
  8. Laptop with charger 💻🔌

Secondary Essentials

  1. Lunch Box, water bottle, mouth Freshener, dry fruits/healthy snack, energy drink
  2. Tissue paper and facial wipes
  3. Safety Pins to tie or pin up your wearables such as shirts, tops, or any formal wear in case you need them all of a sudden.
  4. Personal care items: A small hair comb, Lip Balm, and gel cream/lotion in tiny bottles (around 1.5 cm x 12 cm) for moisturizing the face. Since you have to spend a long duration in the workplace, your appearance must be nice and you have to look tidy.
  5. For females: sanitary pads.
  6. 😎 Sunglasses, or spectacles if you use them, and an umbrella/cap/scarf, especially in the summer season.  
  7. Raincoat/umbrella  in case of rainy season  
  8. Sanitizer

Other Essentials

  1. Driving Vehicle Keys 🔑 if you drive yourself, keep them in the right place to save time. Use a seat belt while driving a car or wear a helmet if using a two-wheeler.
  2. Other important keys, or a wifi password card in case you need to open your office room.
  3. Headphones if required in your workplace
  4. Mask if suffering from a cough cold or any viral infection
  5. Electrolyte sachets: sometimes you have to work for hours although you may not be feeling well, especially in the summer season, if you feel exhausted you can drink it.

After going through above mentioned points, I hope that this will help you to make your life smoother. These essentials are just a reminder to make your workplace experience better.

Sonal ShrivastavaLast Seen: Apr 21, 2024 @ 4:00am 4AprUTC

Sonal Shrivastava



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