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The princess and her petals

Faith EzekielLast Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 1:54pm 13AprUTC
Faith Ezekiel

6th March 2024 | 1 Views

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      I am a pretty princess and my name is milinium, I live in a kingdom where no one is allowed to own a are seen as dangerous ornaments and they are forbidden in our kingdom’ whoever is found with them will be banished from the kingdom or even stone to death.

these flowers are forbidden because they were used by some fairies 🧚‍♀️ as a weapon against human.they are being transformed by the fairies with their magic sticks into large thorns, these fairies were not kind neither are they good.they just makes life difficult for the people in our kingdom.

The villagers were tired of of the torture so they came up with plans to chase these fairies away from their lands.they executed their plans at night when the fairies were sleeping,the villagers burnt down each one of the fairies clove house made with large beautiful flowers.

Each fairies flew and never return to our land again,  but one of the fairies made me loved petals a lot.she was so kind to me and told me not to let anyone one that she always give me petals of different shapes, that was my first secret and I cherish every moment I spent with her.”I do sneak out sneak out sometimes because of the love I have for petals.

my petals 

are the leaves 🍁 

that surrounds my flowers, bright and beautiful.

my petals 

round, oval and obovate in shapes 

my petals 

Red,Green,Blue,Pink and white in colors.

I had some in my bags and some in my wardrobe, that’s one of the reason I don’t let people in my parents were so curious and they wonder why I don’t let them into my room.

well that because I treasure my petals so much,whenever I pick them I feel so happy and content and I just can’t explain why.

I even had a room decorated with petals, my petals is what made me to forget my night when I was sleeping I dreamt about my petals and everything was gone’i stood up and confront my parents about my happiness.they said they will me as an example but unfortunately they won’t hurt me cause I was the only child right now if not I would have been banished.i ran to my room to cry that was when I opened my eyes;I stare at my room with fear in my parents will have to choose between me and their laws.

one day I left home to go and get more petals and when I got back my parents were already looking for me,I quickly run with my bag of petals through my secret road I just need to climb the window I was caught immediately by my parents.

I ask them if there’s any problem and the returned my mother quickly drag my bag and everything fell,I bent down to pick them carefully.the stares I got from my parents were that of a death wish,they told me to get ride of those evil things within 2 days.

I won’t do any of that, you mean I should throw away my happiness,I won’t think twice before leaving the palace with my parents can have their kingdom to themselves if that what makes them happy”I also deserves to be happy.the d-day was here for me to make my final decisions and I refuse to compromise and I don’t mind if they hate me for disobeying them.

mum,   Dad pls you have to let go of the past incident,the flowers didn’t harm you on their you and your kingdom it was the fairies who are bad.

they use the flowers against our kingdom but it all in  the past.take a look at my room don’t you love it and how nice it smells.pls let your people do what they want with the flowers.

my petals are the only things that gives me joy


Faith EzekielLast Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 1:54pm 13AprUTC

Faith Ezekiel



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