Feature Image Unlock Website Potential And Master Accessible Audits!

Unlock Website Potential And Master Accessible Audits!

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Can web audit make a website accessible? An audit checks a website’s accessibility standards to comply with the WCAG guidelines. An accessible website means any user can access its products and services without digital barriers. However, an audit can help find the obstacles and help maintain an updated website.  

The ADA website audit is possible in two ways:

Manual Audit:

This is an ADA website audit that needs experts to access website barriers. The expert can also use the website like a disabled user to check the accessibility level. This is how it is easy to check the keyboard and other website elements for accessibility in detail. Figure out the website bugs and find ways to eliminate them. The elements to check are:

  • Captions on audio and video

  • Keyboard use and other elements 

  • Ease of using links

Automated Audit:

It can scan web content for accessibility level and how much it adheres to WCAG guidelines. If handling many pages requires quick results, this audit process is suitable for attaining the appropriate compliance standards. However, automated audits may not be satisfactory in finding all accessibility web errors. It is necessary to find all accessibility barriers that hinder smooth user accessibility. In this, it can rectify the following elements:

  • Color contrast

  • Use of alt text 

  • Use of correct links

  • Labels and headers

  • Conten language 

If you want to get the best ADA website audit results, the combination of these two methods would be suitable to follow. 

What Does the ADA Website Audit Include?

In an ADA website audit, you need to check some criteria to ensure that a website is accessible by any users, including those using assistive technology. It is not website or business-specific but applicable to every business website on digital content. In this regard, W3C has developed standards, following which a website will be considered ADA-accessible. It can then accommodate every user on the website. The W3C rules are the WCAG guidelines that comprises of the four sections:

  • Perceivable – Users can find it easy to perceive digital content 

  • Operable – Web navigation should be smooth, even if you do only with a keyboard 

  • Understandable – Digital content should be easy to comprehend, so the use of simple words is discernible 

  • Robust – It indicates the markup language of the website. Try to look for the errors that prevent the ease of running a code.       

What are the Best Practices to Include in ADA Audits?

If you don’t want your website to fail web accessibility or an audit process, include the right use of the below elements:

  • Alt Tags – These are useful for assistive technology users and contribute to improving website SEO. It can help users with visuals to comprehend media content easily. 

  • Navigation Features – A screen reader accesses a website using navigation menus. For every new page, the navigation menus work. 

  • Use of Videos – Any website video should have captions reading the video lineup for easy understanding. 

  • PDF file – Use tags and texts that should be easy to highlight in a PDF file, indicating its accessibility.  

These are some website practices that help create an accessible website. 

How to Establish an ADA-Accessible Website?

If only a website passes an ADA website audit, it will be ADA accessible, and for this, the following ways can help:

  • Get feedback from users who are using the website to improve accessibility for every user 

  • Include easy-to-connect contact details so  that you can promptly reply to the users 

  • Timely website testing can ensure its accessibility condition 

  • It is important to ensure that website fixing is done by parties who have suitable ADA knowledge 

So, gather user feedback and gauge the accessibility condition to know how quickly an audit process can fix the bugs. 

Why Opt for a Website Audit Process?

When you have the possible ways for a website audit, contact an expert that can help you follow the correct audit steps for ADA compliance. The audit brings out an overview of the website’s accessibility condition. The process includes the following:

Develop an Inclusive Website: 

A website with ADA compliance adds to earning a website reputation. One of the keys is to create an inclusive website that can reach diverse groups. This is how it is easy to create accessible content.   

Prevent Lawsuits and Risks:

No business wants to afford legal complications and risks. This can grow when a website isn’t ADA-compliant. This is what you can know from a timely website audit process. 

Boost Website Visitors:

If a website is inaccessible to some users, it loses potential business. Keep away from this with the help of compliance and running suitable website audits. Develop and design a website that users with every ability can access and encourage more web visitors. 

Improves User Experience:

User experience directly links to accessibility. Timely auditing of the website can improve the experience. For instance, adding a video transcript for non-native English users can help them understand content at ease. 

Wrapping it Up 

Better SEO means the website is optimized correctly and can easily make a place in the search ranks in the top place. So, an ADA audit optimizes a website, and so an ADA audit and optimization are both beneficial for a website.

Aakash SaxenaLast Seen: Mar 14, 2024 @ 9:08am 9MarUTC

Aakash Saxena


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