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Seepika Lavaniya

7th May 2024 | 7 Views

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Holding my favourite pen🖋, 
I was thinking about what to write.
What should I paint next with this ink?-
A view of mountains,
A night sky or
Somebody’s heart? 

Millions of things with different colours and shades are in front of me, 
Do I need to extract it?

But somehow, I looked into the mirror and chose to paint me this time.
To bring out my flaws , to bring out my thoughts ,
To bring out that girl who weeps within me everytime I hate myself.

Now, I’ll paint her with her flaws as her beauty ,
Her views as her accessories,
Her smile as her most beautiful ornament,
Her tears as her bravery and
Her heart as she!

OOOH- and just now

Seepika Lavaniya



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